Thanksgiving Sock Finish

dscf9300Finished the Holly & Ivy Dyeworks Socks in colorway: Firestorm. 

Yarn purchased in Knoxville, near the Smokies.  We are all so sad that the Smokies are on fire.  😦  We heard HILLBILLY GOLF burned down.  Prayers for all who live there. 

The nice bumpy cuff part of this sock is the Sock Candy Sock Pattern.  You basically knit 3 rows in the round, the 4th row is K1P1.  

I have a new reason not to sneak a snack in the middle of the night. I’m more than terrified that I’ll find a mouse in the kitchen.  Mouse number 3 murdered by the cats last night.  Thank God, Fireman gets up first.   I love that my cats are mousers. Who knew they’d earn their keep.  I do NOT like mice in the house.   YIKES


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

18 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Sock Finish”

  1. Your socks are beautiful! I love the color–it’s among my favorites. We have made our peace with the field mice around our house. We have an agreement with them. They can have the yard but don’t come in the house. Of course they must also understand that they are fair game for Macy and Max.


  2. It’s a perfect (although, at the moment, sad) name for those colors.

    After my mother died, I was back and forth between Nashville and here as much as I could be, closing things out. Between two of my visits, mice helped themselves to what crumbs were left in the pantry. I got squicked out until I saw the two babies. SO cute! I wrangled everyone (that I could find) up and set them free outside.


  3. Love yours socks, they turned out beautifully. I don’t like mice at all. Luckily we haven’t had an issue with them in our house. I have a friend who ha dot evacuate from Gatlinburg last night. It’s all so sad and I’m praying for everyone affected by the fires.


  4. Great pair of socks here. Oh boy, I’m glad your cats don’t let any rodent mess around in their crib. Our neighbor has three cats that are outdoor ones and boy are they feral. They have left killings on our steps now and then and boy are they messy sights. But then they come back and take it away. I assume they eat them. Ew!


  5. Gorgeous socks! I love that color.

    When I lived in the country, I had to deal with mice all the time. I tried every trap imaginable. Sometimes I threw the whole trap away rather than remove the mouse. Glad your cats are earning their keep.


  6. UGH ….mice! However, it’s better than snakes. We have snakes in the house quite often in July and August. Giroux has found a few and took care of them. The rest are up to me.

    The sock finish is quite beautiful. Congrats ….perfect Thanksgiving color.


  7. I like those socks! They look like pumpkin pie to me! Thanks for sharing the cuff. How many rounds in total do you do? I want to try it!

    ps: love the name of the new blog. Best wishes to you, KB!


  8. It took a while for the kitties to convince the mice to move away but they finally did. I haven’t seen one or evidence of one in ages. I wish the big spiders would get the message.
    Love those socks. They are perfect for fall!


  9. Nice socks! The name of that yarn is kind of interesting given where you bought it and what’s been happening in the Smokies recently. Were you anywhere near the town where the fires were? We are off to choir now.


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