Forgetting It is Friday


*above photo is in Lyons, the Pedal and Cup bike route start 

*I’ve been unsubscribing on my email inbox.  Just don’t need all those stores begging me to part with my cash every morning.   Half of the stores I don’t even remember asking to have them send me emails.   So anyhew, It feels good to unsubscribe. 

*I’ve also been updating my Ravelry project page.  From the looks of it, I’ve knit 6 pairs of socks early in 2016, 2 pairs of slippers,  (which I count as socks) and am back to socks with pair number 9 on the needles now. 

*I almost lost the old blog, so I said it before and I’ll say it again, I needed to update that Ravelry page just incase….with photos of my knit ups.  I’m doing it slowly. I go back to irisheyes and look up a month and add projects a few at a time. 

*I’m still thanking someone in writing every day.  I thanked the lovely young man who organized a blood drive in Lake Geneva on Wednesday.  Our Illinois donations were through LIFESOURCE.   Our Wisconsin blood donations will be with the Red Cross.   Eric was just a kid who decided his church ought to have a blood drive and now they are on their 5th event.  So I emailed the RedCross in Wisconsin and told them how nice the drive was.  I hope the word gets back to Eric. 

*Today we visit Fireman’s cousins.  They’ve invited us for a Holiday event and it feels great to be seeing them …..and its not for a funeral!   When did life get so busy?  Fireman is very happy we are going.  I’m happy for him. We worked for so many holidays and weekends, as Fireman and Nurse, that we lost touch with cousins.  

*Oh, and now I have to keep reminding me it is Friday. 


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

6 thoughts on “Forgetting It is Friday”

  1. Yes, families should gather for happy occasions and “just because” occasions. Too may times, they gather for funerals.

    I had to keep reminding myself it was Friday, too. I’ll be mixed up for a good week.


  2. This has been a mixed up week, hasn’t it. For us it started with choir on Tuesday instead of Thursday. And then two extra days of quiet out back at the water tank. Tomorrow is Sunday, I think, and the first Sunday of Advent. How can that be?


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