Tips and Tricks Just Sayin’

I’m all about knitting with the seasons.  You can see I”m at the toe of my first sock knit in a long time.  Dee, you have inspired me with your sock knitting.  I love to pick sock yarn and I love to see how it works up.

I had a revelation the other day.  I know, another one!  I’ve discovered I have lots of sock leftovers because I rarely knit a full length sock.  I usually knit a shortie.  So, here’s to full length socks.  

I also may, just may , try a toe up.   I know, crazy right?  Have you? Do YOU? 

My red bellied woodpecker image has a cool quality that I wasn’t going for.  I took it through the screen on the porch and this is what happened.  

I have some unsolicited tips for you today: 

*Folgers makes a coffee pod that is biodegradeable.  Now if only I liked their coffee.

*To keep myself in check at parties, I can have one bite of everything.  No more. 

*I have an electric throw blanket.  It makes a chilly room warm, and I’m oh so popular with the cats when its out. 

*I love the Pentatonix Christmas cd.  I better go put it on now.

and finally, 

*To make a lump free gravy my Nana taught me:

Put some flour and salt and pepper in a small glass.  Add water and stir until smooth. Add lots of water.  Then as your drippings are boiling, add this to it. Turn it down and simmer for at least 20 minutes or it will taste like flour.  Also, you need to keep adding some water as it cooks down.  Or old neighbor also added a beef bouillon cube for color and flavor.  I LOVE GRAVY.  

(True confessions: Growing up my sister and I each had a bowl of gravy without our mom knowing.  We threw up all night.  Sorry. Had to tell the story.  Still love gravy)





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks Just Sayin’”

  1. Autumn-colored socks – love them! I’ve never tried a toe-up sock: it’s the heel that’s stopping me.

    Coffee smells divine, but I don’t like the taste. Oooh, gravy is yummy – beef, turkey, or white with sausage.


  2. Bless you for sharing your gravy story! I think we have all had our “gravy” mishap as kids. Mine was a whole bag of Hershey’s chocolates when I was 4. The good part of the memory is that my Mom sat up all night with me, held me in her rocking chair and sang to me.

    Your socks are beautiful and your bird is gorgeous. I love taking pictures through the screen door. It gives them such a dreamy quality.

    Toe up–did it–one time was enough!


  3. The woodpecker picture would be PERFECT for a Christmas card.

    Glad you are enjoying knitting socks. You KNOW that’s MY favorite thing to knit.

    Wishing you and Troy a very happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Beautiful bird photo! I tried toe up socks once and it made my head spin. I like your party trick. Since I lost my gall bladder I eat like that when I am out too because things can turn ugly pretty quickly if I eat the wrong thing.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Love your new socks – gorgeous. And, I agree with Dee that your bird photo would make a perfect Christmas card. Not sure I could follow your one bite rule…it’s a good one, but I don’t think I could do it. And your gravy recipe is EXACTLY how I make gravy! Happy Thanksgiving Kathy!!


  6. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving in your new place! Keep an eye on that woodpecker. The ones around here enjoy pecking holes in everything. Wish you could see our birch tree; it’s full of evenly space holes up and down the trunk. They love siding, too!


  7. I knit toe up socks years ago. I thought that construction fit me better than cuff down. But now with all of this Christmas sock knitting, I’ve learned a lot. Size 0 DPN’s really make a big difference for my chicken feet and a 1″ negative ease.


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