Unintended Joys

unnamedThat’s me in the tree that I believe is a marker tree.  Still working on the verification.  Don’t worry, the tree can handle me and I surely won’t hurt it.  See how we have cleared out the buckthorn?  Yesterday, was cold out, but once we got working and had the buckthorn burning in the firepit, I was not cold at all.  Yes I’m wearing a handknit hat.  We worked hard for too long.  By the time we came in the sun was setting and my back was spasming.   I’m totally in love with the new house, the new woods, the quiet and being surrounded by nature.  And I was afraid to move.  Ha!  It has been a year of wonderous change for me.  Last New Years I had no idea we’d move forward and move on out.  

I consider myself a planner.  It’s a control freak thing.  But, when I think of some of the events in my life , my little ordinary life, I know that I didn’t plan them.  Something just moves me in that direction, and I do believe it is the Holy Spirit. I never planned to be a nurse.  I never planned to retire when I did.  I never planned to move to this area.  But, there was always a calling to be in nature.. always. 

I never planned to be a knitter.  It, too, was a lingering wish I’d have when I would see a handknit baby sweater at a shower.  

I certainly never planned to be a blogger, although I was always thrilled to be writing….and I never planned on you!  I so enjoy this blog and the friendships and the wisdom ……you are a wise group!  

The Marker tree is a marker for me.  For my life.  A symbol and a joy.  

So, here’s to unplanned blessings that I am so Thankful for.  (Yarn stash included) 





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

17 thoughts on “Unintended Joys”

  1. Oh! You sound so happy. I love your marker tree and your woods and the fact that you are so incredibly happy in your new place. Wonderful! I just saw a beautiful hawk in the woods outside my office and that makes me happy. Here’s to blessings everywhere.


  2. What a delight in life.
    I became a knitter out of a desire to do something while going thru a difficult time.
    Now it has been my comfort during other stressful times.

    We were blessed around here with an early summer and a long time of warmer weather (though I have to admit I hate humidity–it is not a friend to me with fibromyalgia). This is the Midwest after all and cooler weather was bound to come.
    It was gorgeous during the Cubs playoff and championship and then the rally.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours


  3. Isn’t it amazing how we are moved through our lives by the powers that be? I’m so thankful that the Holy Spirit led me to this blog group, especially you dear Kathy! You look so happy in your tree! I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that I asked our son if they used dowsers when doing surveys and he laughed and told me, “maybe 20 years ago.” It seems that now they use proton magnetic resonance. Okay…. So anyway, he didn’t know a dowser.


  4. I’m so thankful I found your blog and today’s post has really made me smile. It is quite wonderful how your life can change so much in the space of a few months, my experiences are similar to yours this year (apart from the blogging). It just goes to show you don’t know where life will lead you.
    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family Kathy x


  5. I like how you can climb that tree. What a great photo prop it would be for FO’s! I love unique growing trees; I wonder what happened to make them grow branches that aren’t traditionally shaped.


  6. I know the time will come when The Mister and I will have to leave our little house in the woods and it makes me sad. The trees become your friends but they are hard to clean up after especially when you get up in the years as we are. This fall the leaves have been a real chore and he’s been making a lot of noises about getting out of here. Booo….


  7. I had to look up what a marker tree is. How cool is THAT!!!

    I’m so glad you have found your bliss! I am wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful that we have become friends through blogging.

    Love you girl!


  8. I, too, had to look up marker trees. That is so interesting! We’ve seen trees like that on various hikes, and for sure I’ll be looking for more. Have you figured out what yours is marking? Glad you love your new place. It’s fun to finally know someone who lives in Lake Geneva!


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