November Thankfulness


This is a glorious Ginko on the Lake Geneva trail walk.   The American flag before it seems majestic to me.  Today we have snow flakes.  We are headed to see mom, so there will be never ending blanket knitting today.  

*I kind of miss my radiators. I do not missing stubbing my toes on them.  I know my cats live in the present, but I wonder if they miss them, too.  

*If you want to watch something amazing see if you can get the PBS Operation Wild series.   They highlight veterinarians around the globe who operate on wild animals. I almost had to get the kleenex out when they worked on a primate with cataracts.   We really forget Pie can’t see much at all.   She’s so full of spunk it serves her well.

*It is GUN DEER HUNT week here.  Oh dear, that was a real switch in topics….My father was a hunter, and he loved the seasons and he ate everything he killed.   Still, I’m not used to the weather forecast centered around killing Bambi.  Suffice to say I wont be woods walking this week!

*Al’s going to see the Pentatonix concert in OKC tonight.  I’m so thrilled for her. 

*Since the Rockettes are NOT going to be near me again this year, I got their dvd out of the library too.  

*I’m working on socks in Novemberish colors.  Simple Textured Socks by Kay Redding pattern.  All of the sudden: SOCKS!!!!  I started the year out knitting them like crazy then took a long break.  Dee, I thank you for the inspiration.  I’m planning a Christmas pair in reds and greens next but I dont have the yarn . Darn, I have to yarn shop!

*Finally, Zach continues with salsa lessons in Mexico.  I hope he can teach me a thing or two when he visits us at Christmas.  Less than a month and I can spoil him again.!

November, and I have lots to be thankful for.  Including all of you.  Thanks so much for making the switch to Compassionknits my old blog in a new place.  





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

13 thoughts on “November Thankfulness”

  1. Lovely autumnal colours, I’m away from home for 3 months and have no radiators either, thank goodness for woollens. Not too sure about the hunting but I know it happens, have a good weekend


  2. Sure wish you were closer, then we could celebrate Thanksgiving together. (Catherine will be off with her in-laws and you know where Jill is, so it will be us and our son.) Anxious to see your socks! I’m still making cowls and a couple of other Christmas things. Then I’ll be picking up other stuff. Have fun yarn shopping!


  3. Never hurts to wear bright colors during hunting season even if you’re not in the woods.

    Found an abandoned pair of sock shoes on the needles yesterday. I vow to get them finished before the end of the month.


  4. I am sooooo terrified of deer this time of year. I have been in 5 terrible car accidents over the years on account of them. I love seeing them in the yard but don’t like them surprising me on the road. I really limit my driving during their season. We had hunters in our woods one year and they were kind enough to leave me a huge dead deer to dispose of. I was NOT happy.


  5. I have never seen such a magnificent gingko tree.. wow.. great shot! I just heard Pentatonix version of Hallelujah and I immediately downloaded it from iTunes and am in love with it. Lucky daughter and lucky son, too! And most of all, you’re a lucky mom. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I am so jealous about the Pentatonix concert. Love to losten to them.

    You HAVE to go yarn shoppi g so thise red and green socks can appear. While at the LYS, might as well get a few skeins for future projects, just in cass


  7. Beautiful photo of the ginkgo tree and flag. Like you I am blessed and have so many things for which to be thankful. The colors of fall are on that list – the yellows, butterscotch, gold, red, and browns. I hate to see the November wind blow the leaves away but then comes the glittery snow and peace of winter.


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