Cowls Finish

The cowl on your left is a cowl in handspun alpaca. It felt gorgeous to work up.  It is a modified version of the STRAIGHTFORWARD (cowl) by Bethany Hendrickson.   For her original version the entire cowl was knit in garter.  The yarn had some natural spring to it, just enough.  Knit on straights, seamed.   Handspun has that rustic look to it. 

The red cowl is simply a stockinette tube.  My friend Sandy loves red and she says she needs something to pull up while she walks her pup in the winter.  Sandy prefers not to wear hats, so this little red tube should do the trick. 

In the thankfulness department: 

*Thanked Joe our friend for his crepe recipe.  It is our go to for crepes.  Crepes with low fat low salt ham, broccoli and a smidge of swiss cheese make an delish low carb dinner.  

*Thanking the Good Lord for our amazing 18 days of November weather.  The door slams shut tomorrow.  For Nancy, it already has.   I was watching the Weather Channel and they showed Riverton, Wyoming!  I saw a bell that looked like it was attatched to a swingset device.  I looked for you Nancy!  Glad you were in and I hope you were knitting!

We are expecting a 40 degree temp drop later tonight.  Let the Season of mittens and cowls, hats and fingerless begin.  


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

21 thoughts on “Cowls Finish”

  1. Pretty frosty outside this morning, barely 15F – snow covering everything. It’s a good day to knit. (The bell on the you saw is at Central Wyoming College) Believe me, there will be hand-knit cowls, mitts, and wool socks worn here today.


  2. It’s always kind of sad to finish an alpaca project. Yes, you get to wear it now, but you don’t get to feel that glorious yarn moving through your fingers.
    The red cowl is terrific! Sandy’s very lucky to have a friend like you. Well, we all are.


  3. Your cowls look great! I hope to finish a sock this weekend and start something for Christmas knitting (hoping…). Our temps are to drop as well with the possibility of snow Saturday night or Sunday. I think it will be fun!


  4. Baby its cold outside. This a.m. a few flakes of snow were blowing around in the wind. I have finished most of my Christmas knitting so will go stash shopping this weekend for a new project to go with a cup of hot tea.


  5. Nice! Jill told me yesterday snow was coming your way, and at the time she was wearing shorts. You may be getting the windy, cold weather we had over the weekend. No snow though but lots of rain.


    1. Deb, The only kind of alpaca I can wear is handspun and minimally processed. I think it may be true that I’m allergic to sensitive to the manufacturer’s prep of the yarn. I finally found a little country shop in Richmond that has such yarn available in small quantities.


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