Thank A Worker Bee Movement

I’ve got a new plan.  To finish 2016 I’m going to thank a worker bee every day by filling out a form that goes to their supervisors.  Yesterday at my Piggly Wiggly grocery, Crystal, above, quizzically asked me if I was a Senior Citizen. 

The manner in which Crystal  asked was complimentary, and I responded, “define Senior Citizen.”  55 or older.  YEAH BABY.  I get a discount on Tuesdays that saves me 4% .   She saved me 3 dollars yesterday.  Multiply that by 52 and that’s a nice amount of yarn right?  I can do that for 45 days to end the year.  Hold me to it! 

The sunset was nothing short of dreamy last night here.  The Church I noticed on my  way to the little post office yesterday, is actually someones house now.  I could tell because of the toys outside etc.   

Knit Plans:  More on the modified alpaca cowl.  







Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Thank A Worker Bee Movement”

  1. Your sunset is gorgeous! I love praising good customer service especially since I see more and more people taking pride in doing their job well. I have never held back on grabbing those senior citizen discounts! When I turned 55 I was asking for discounts all over town. LOL!


  2. Gorgeous sunset and great discount! I, too, love to praise good/great customer service. It should be rewarded. Now, if only I could find a yarn store that offered a senior discount – lol. Then I’d be in HUGE trouble. I bet that church makes a nice home. My son and his girlfriend looked at one in Bucks County (well, just looked on line…it was stunning and had an equally stunning price to go with it!).


  3. If more people followed your plan, I think employers would get a clue that customer service is important; thus, go forth and complete those forms!

    Love discounts whenever I can get them.


  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…I would LOVE to live in a repurposed building. That church looks beautiful.

    We live in an historic area now. The buildings are SO interesting! One of the homes belongs to the family that started Maxwell House coffee (roasted right here in Jacksonville) . . . the house is awesome!


  5. Every time I go to the rink I have to fight for the senior discount. It’s not because I look so young, it’s because the elderly lady behind the desk forgets who I am even though I go every week. She’s 80 so I guess to her I look like a kid.


  6. Yesterday I was in Target and a lovely young man was my cashier. His name was Wassin, I told him it was beautiful. He said it is Arabic, and I think waited for my response. I said I thought he was lucky to have a beautiful name, and that I liked it very much. The thousand watt smile I got was a wonderful treat.


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