The Jokes on Me

I could have cheated and not told you my error, but Fireman thought you’d all get a chuckle about my rather noticeable error. 

The quintessential thumb placement error.   I guess I was distracted.

These are for me.   You know I’m not going to frog again because of the sheep. The angora would get wasted.  So this goes into the ‘wont’ make that mistake again” file in my braino.   I talk with my hands….a lot.  So the sheep will get noticed either way. I’m far from perfect as a knitter and a person.   I can’t wait to wear these anyhow. 

There is no pattern for them.  I simply found a sheep motif and made sure I had enough hand (and I should say palm) stitches to knit him into the blank angora canvas.

I am starting another angora mitt today.  The yarn for the sheep mitts was from my nearby LYS and she had the yarn specially spun for her. 

The next pair will be very very fuzzy.   While I wound the new yarn last night it was so fuzzy it wanted to begin to felt itself right then and there.  I don’t know why I’m so in love with angora but oh I am. 

And my girl is so happy for December to arrive.  She loves the red Starbucks cups, the carols and everything Christmas.  I can’t wait to have both my kids home for Christmas. 

But Today is Veteran’s Day and I want to thank every single military family who gives so very much during duty and beyond.  Thank yoU!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

11 thoughts on “The Jokes on Me”

  1. ha! I have totally done this, my friend. At least 3 different times! It’s surprisingly hard to remember to knit the other thumb placement. Your mitts are still super cute. And hooray for the winter starbucks menu to be out!


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