Somedays You Knit Somedays You Frog

It was one of those amazing beautiful sunny skied, warmish perfection of fall days here.  We still have enough colorful leaves on the maples hanging on for a beautiful finish to this Autumn.  It was also a great day to take stock and frog.  

I frogged the purple/aqua beret because I was never going to sew elastic to the brim. It looked more like a  popped JIffy POP creation than the pretty hat it could be.  So poof its back to being in two balls.  And I had a mighty save. I didnt have to waste any yarn in the frog. As soon as I used a crochet hook to find my woven in ends voila! it went to string in no time.

Then I frogged my angora cabled mitts. The were fine on.  They really were, but they can be so much more.  I love the bunny yarn too much to have it be less than a perfect something knit up soon.  I started the thumb too high anyhow.  I have a plan.

Since when does frogging make me so happy?  Something about realizing I can reknit it much better.  The yarns too lovley ; it was calling me to redo, rewind, remix.

Where are you on the knit journey today? Casting on casting off? frogging? doing the dreaded finishing work?   Wherever you are I’m there with you!  Thanks for finding me here.





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

17 thoughts on “Somedays You Knit Somedays You Frog”

  1. Frogging, frogging, frogging ….and for basically the same reason you did. I know I can do better. In one case I had ladders. In another I didn’t like the ultra-fancy cuff on the pattern and decided to rip back to a basic 2×2 rib. Then the other one ………well, it just looked wonky.

    I KNOW I can do better.

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  2. No frogging, but not really any knitting either. Life is busy. It’s ok…I will get to it soon. I’ve had two people ask me to knit them socks for Christmas which is exciting for me!! I’d best get busy….

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  3. Found you! I’m knitting, albeit slowly right now. Mostly working on my knitted sock yarn blanket but also have made a few pairs of mittens for next winter.

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  4. Two inches to finish the second sleeve of stash sweater, then I can assemble. I’m thinking about the best way to put this sweater together. I usually knit one-piece sweaters so it has been a long time since I stitched one together.

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  5. I’m knitting away but need to check to make sure I’m knitting the correct ribbing pattern on my SIL’s sock. One of the Christmas socks which is a HFO will get frogged as I’m getting my mum something else for Christmas and her birthday.

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  6. I just recently found your blog and have been enjoying your writing. And thanks to Bridget at The Ravell’d Sleave, I found you here! Hope you like your new space.


  7. It is a balance between them that is best – I don’t thing frogging is the end of the world. Sometimes, my brain thinks something will work – but the reality of knitting the stitches says it won’t. It’s all good – knitting is a process 🙂 And, I love the new digs!!


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