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Dear Yarns Above,

You are going to have to be patient, well I mean, you will have to continue to be patient, because I have a skirt to reknit.  The skirt comes first.  You all, however, are so precious to me that you will be worked into something gorgeous soon.

Upper left is a skein that would make awesome mitts.  Upper right would make an awesome super dee duper Hat.  The three bulky’s on the bottom ….I have no clue. Do you?


Dear Blue Jay,

You and your pals are so loud!  But I love you.  I especially love when I see one of your blue feathers on the ground.  I know you are like a gang of teenagers, but you have to share with the cardinals, the downy woodpeckers, the orioles, the hummingbirds, the chickadees and my most lovely singing wrens.  Thanks for stopping long enough for me to focus and take your photo through the window.

I’m having a really hard time capturing images of the birds this summer.  Some of this is that I’m kind of lazy.  I try for a few minutes and then I give up.  I got stuff to do. Remember? I have to knit a skirt.


Dear Weather

Please cooperate so Fireman and Zach can have some fun golfing.   IT aint cheap to golf here.  I know we foolishly gambled with the predictions for precip today, when we made the tee time last night.  It just seemed like a good day to get a game in.  If you insist on threatening , I have a new app and don’t you worry Weather, I’ll get those golfers off the course before the lightening gets near them.  I went to the National Weather Center in Norman Oklahoma last year Weather.   Don’t you remember?  I’m on to you….


Dear Miss Pie Pie,

I sincerely apologize for the house guests all weekend.  It is a lot of commotion for you and since no one gave you any butter or chicken, as I know you hoped for, it must have seemed like a big inconvenience for you.   No one believes you are blind.  You just don’t ACT like you cannot see.

“This one” they say as they point to any cat, “This one can’t see?”
No No, we tell them, it s the little one.  “Really?  She looks like she can see. ” Well she can’t.  One visitor went so far as to look at her eyes and say, “I don’t see cataracts” .  THat’s not how its done.   Try moving the furniture if you want to test her vision.  We don’t do that because its funny and kind a mean, and we don’t like having to prove to visitors that she is blind.  Just trust ok?  And we know I make a big deal about door instructions to visitors.   We have checks and balances in place but you have to know them.  SO you know what Pie?  I’m going to tell visitors they can’t go out the doors until they ask me.

Also, You are blind and don’t read, but I did make a sign for the XY visitors who came this weekend.  IN big bold writing it said:”  Please close toilet lid or Fezzik with play in the water and empty the toilet bowl”  THANKS!  I put the sign right above the toilet bowl and taped it like crazy.   They either don’t know how to read or they have the attention span of a gnat from all the video games they grew up on.   Because, I went in there many times and had to put the lid down.


the momma who rescued you!





Sunset Geneva Lake August 2019.  Chilly on the water.  Short summer hair cut.


Fezzik and I are so tired.  Company interferes with our cats’ routines.  We had 4 guests this weekend. Two of them slept over.  My dear dear funny friend Kath came today.  We were howling at one point, with laughter.  The 3 high school girls laughed till our stomach’s hurt at dinner tonight.   We made a new memory and will not forget the joke for a long time I’m sure.  But. I am. so. tired.


So bring on the caffeine.  These are our choices at the house: the Folly is from my sister.   (A minnesota roaster makes the beans. )  It is delicate and so good from the french press.  She spoiled me with many gifts for my  birthday, as I told you.


Tomorrow it is back to the barn; our early Monday classes.  I love this horse, Prince.   He is a gentle huge giant of a horse.  The barn resets my routine clock.  I need it tomorrow.

And the skirt I was knitting for Al?  Well, I made a big mistake. Took it off the needles and realized my gauge was way off and it would never fit her.  It was huge.  So now , do I rework the numbers and start over…..or do I start another project. ?

I get restless until I figure my knit plan out. Wish me luck .  And wish me some energy!!


Friday , Let’s Play Q and A


My sister painted my Mexican boots for me.  What’s the worse thing you’ve stepped in recently ?


My sister also sent me this gadget. Oh I love a good gadget.  Just look at this little pull light!  Do you have a gadget you love? 


My mother hated gladiolas.  I love them.  She called them casket flowers. Do you dislike a certain flower?  

How many times this week have you consulted Dr. Google? 

What is the softest wool for you?  

A bird flew into our windshield the other day. I swear these animals just want to get hit.  I don’t think it ended will for him.  Have you ever hit your head on a windshield?  

Fireman got me a shirt that says,  swears like a sailor. I’m not proud of it.  But, as the Cubs lost last night to a walk off grand slam by , Forget it I won’t even say his name.  I’m hoping the neighbors didn’t hear me.  Do you swear like a sailor? 

Have you ever knitted clothes for Barbie? 

Now for the cremation question: Do you have anyone’s ashes in your house? 

Have you ever trimmed your own hair? 



Where Have I Been?



*I’ve been sitting and I’ve been knitting.  I am almost done with the skirt’s pleats.  Oh, and let me clarify, I was able to bring my knitting to Jury duty, but once we were sworn in I put it away.  It was not appropriate, I felt,  to knit thereafter because we were immediately sent to the courtroom.   It was there for the wait, which thank you Wisconsin, was very short.  But, I needed my blanket it with me, Much Like Linus, so just knowing it was with me helped.

*I was kind of a wreck the night before and during the process of selection.  Thank GOD I was not selected.  I was very conflicted seeing the defendant, and knowing the charges and knowing what I know as a nurse.  Enough said.  I proceeded to come home and fall apart and ended up with big stomach issues for the remainder of the night.  And I wasn’t even selected!  I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  My body will do what it  will do and I’m well used to it’s shenanigans.  Im not a headache person or an insomnia person,  things always hit me from a visceral level.

*That being said, I was on tea and toast yesterday for my birthday.  I was just glad the nausea was over.  The boys here, went to my birthday lunch without me and brought home a cheesecake to celebrate because they love cheesecake and I Don’t even care for a taste of it ever.  It doesnt’ call me like so many other desserts!  They did sing to me before they dug in.  LOL.   Then the Cubs proceeded to stink it up on National TV and that was that.

*But it was a great birthday!  I got some needed clothes.  Fireman is an excellent shopper for me.  I hate to shop and would wear out all my clothing before I went to a store to shop. 0-2.jpeg

Look see?  This is for when we are boating or paddle boarding.  It keeps my from getting any sunburn.  !!!   I”ve needed a swim shirt for a long time!

Sweet Kim, (Hand EYE) gifted me some yarn!  And I get to pick it!  She and I share some health issues and gosh, we know each other from the start with our blog beginnings years ago.  So there was yarn and that is so needed for a celebration of my birthday!

*I heard from friends and felt very loved.  My father sent me a mass card for the year, and God knows I’ll take the prayers.

*So, alas, there was no new kitten, but it was still a great day.  Allison Jo and I chatted away last night and that was great.  Zach had a photo he took etched on glass for me and it is stunning.

*On with regular life!  I get to go to the barn this afternoon for my usual marathon class night!! We have a new horse I get to see!

Blah blah blah all about me.  How are you!????


Here is the Place to Wish Karen Well


This is not Karen.  But it is LIKE Karen.  Karen, my dear pal, most loyal lurker, one I call when Life’s crummy, one I text during EVERY Cub game , one who is a gift in my life,

Broke her hand this weekend.  I’d show you her hand photo,  but I think the photo above gives you the idea.

Karen MAY not be able to knit for awhile.  This could be a serious bummer for her.  I found a tutorial on Portuguese knitting last night.  Karen could master it in the blink of a weary eye, she’s brilliant.  However , this knitting  does involve the injured hand/fingers to a tiny extent.

Please address all comments to Karen today!  I know she’s lurking…….


Stuff I Thought You’d Like ….

I love to photograph horses 
And THIS IS Mason.  The darling cowgirl also has a horse named Dixon.  SO you know I have to tell Ann and Kay from Mason Dixon.  This cowgirl heard all about their knit blog from me! 
  • The 2 Best Coffee Shops Zach recommends are:
    In Mexico: In the state of Chiapas, the town of San Cristobal, there is a shop called Cara Hillo.  The coffee is fresh from Chiapas, the building is beautiful and they make any kind of coffee you wish at your table.
  • If anyone wants a great tour guide, Let me know. Zach is particularly fond of Oaxaca.  The food, the ice cream , the people.  He can recommend great places to you.
  • The second best coffee shop in Zach’s opinion is in Chicago.  In Lincoln Square: Beans and Bagels. The owner knew Zachs name by the second visit. He likes buying his beans there when he is away from Mexico.  His favorite:
  • 49th parallel coffee roasters out of Vancouver.  Longitude 123 W
  • medium filter blend: dried fruit/nuts/sweet coffee
  • Al’s most recent favorite book : Moment of Lift by Melissa Gates
  • If you are in a room with a bat the CDC has recommendations for you . You can call the numbers given for each state.  My neighbors had a bat in their bedroom last night.  In my book, they go get rabies shots.  IN theirs, not so much .  Knowledge is power, but you make the decision.
  • I must say that in the photo of Mason, you see two girls lying in the grass within kicking range.  You know I give up here.  These people have their horses well under control.  In any other place I’d have opened my mouth….
  • Can you believe I didn’t say anything?  I didn’t