Because Blog Pals Know How to Social Distance

We blog folk who knit and crochet, are usually distanced. Is that why our blogs are such a comfortable place for me right now? IT is one thing that hasn’t changed in our 2020.

I Love that Deb (araignee) compared her daughter’s kittens sutures to my son’s kitten’s sutures . They found an infection after the comparison and I am so happy for that. I love how we learn so much from each other and so much of is , has nothing to do with knitting. I hope, Deb, your grand kitty is feeling much better.

Sue , Mrs. MacCawber, do you know what Wisconsin flower this is? it is beautiful and in a the grassy areas nearby. It know others may say it is a weed, but I love the deep color. I bet the pollinators love it , too.

I am having a virtual tomato race. I want Deb, Araignee to compete with me. Anyone else want to play Tomato race? If you are growing them in your garden, lets race. We can play for first ripened, and biggest tomato. So two categories. The first ripened is , kind of climate, zone dependent. But the biggest by weight will be a fun one too. Joining? The geese have nothing to do with anything. I just though this family was huge .

So Knitting:

I have to either take a break from the shawl, which is coming along so well now, or finish it. All of the knit two togethers are making my wrists and finger joints hurt. I’m such a baby!

Lastly, for today, I have to tell you that a friend of Zach’s just had her first baby. She was tired and she was having to give it oral medication. Zach asked me to explain how to do this to help her. I said, Zach just give her my phone number. Nope. He said we could Facebook friend and message that way.

I felt so so good helping this new mom. She’s right where your are when the new baby is making you go deep deep down in your avenues of sleep, and your battery isn’t recharging well. I encouraged her. I explained pumping, putting medicine in a tiny bit of formula or milk and giving it in a bottle. They gave the poor new parents a syringe and no instructions as to how to give it to the baby. OF course, the baby balked at syringe method .

I blurted out to Fireman: Oh my God. My life has meaning again. I’m helping a fellow mom with baby questions. What? my life has plenty of meaning. But you know what, there was something about helping her that made me so happy. And she was so grateful and she said they were so relieved after the bottle method, when she messaged me before bed.

Here I am showing them how to hold a baby to bottle feed it. They asked about positioning during medication administration. Do you like my owl baby? My mom adored babies. We fostered them while I was growing up. I get it from her. I’m waiting on TINK to have her cria baby!!

I need to be Thanked……

Okay, so this is rather embarrassing. I was still asleep when my neighbor rang our bell.

I keep masks on the front door handle. Fireman got to see this wee one in the dress I gave to her. I won’t show you her face, but she’s super cute! And my neighbor wrote a thank you note and printed the photo out of Montana, wearing the dress. You all told me it goes to the right person. And it did! (you can find the yarn (cascade 220) and the pattern a few posts back. Very easy well written pattern.

I’m one of those people that want to be thanked. I so enjoy making and giving gifts. I love the thank you part, too. My father was this way to a fault. He wanted you to thank him over and over and even over again. He was very generous and he put a lot of thought into gifts. But, seriously, his needs were ridiculous. A year after a gift, he’d say: remember that picture I framed for you? Do you love it? I am not that bad. But no thanks, for anyone with no thanks at all….

I never thought Fireman and I would be cycling the roads and trails together. I just never did. Since the barn is closed, we have been riding . We ride at least once a week. I have the cheater bike, as you know. But , I still have to work, just not to the point where I don’t enjoy the ride. My cardiologist says it is so great for my heart! And the bike can be tricky, but it won’t charge out of the stall and knock me over. Annie, as I call her, does not have moods. I have real cycling leggings . I need to get cycling shorts. The leggings were hot yesterday.

Post-op day 4. Billy, Billy Bo, get down. For the most part she has been sleepy and resting. But, she’s not on any more meds and she insists she’s a busy girl. Isn’t it something how cats don’t rip out their stitches? Ive never needed a cone for my cats after surgery . We are still laughing about her being a girl. We should have known, she never shuts up.

What I’ve Learned …..

During this time of Covid 19, here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. No matter how sure you are about something, you can be wrong. Bo ,after all, is girl and was all along. She is resting comfortably. She trusts Zach so. The veterinarian has had him bring Billy, (now Billy Bo) back on Sunday and Monday for a quick weight check, incision check, temp check and to get a combo shot of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain med. In other words she’s healthier post op ,than most of the humans on the planet.

The unintended consequence of masks being available to me, has led to my wearing them when I garden. I also wear goggles because gravity goes backwards and things fly up into my face when I use the string trimmer. I’ve had enough injuries in 2020 thank you so much, fate. I don’t want to inhale all the pollen out there. AND, if that weren’t enough reason, I don’t have to use sunscreen except on my neck! VOILA!

I’ve learned, with delight, that I can knit with lace weight for shawls. I’ve chosen this awesome malabrigo for my next shawl. I’ve learned that when I am frantically rummaging around for that needle or that stitch marker, I make a huge mess of my stash. So, I’ll be stash organizing later this wee,.

I’ve learned what I’ve known all along: that I prefer a straight and flat challenge. I don’t need the hills to push harder, and ruin the experience. For me. This is true in a theoretical way and a practical way for me.

I’ve learned that I get overwhelmed trying to figure out what is going to happen when. My nurse brain hasn’t ever shut off. I read Dr. Kevin’s articles by physicians every day. I want to reach way back into my heart and figure out, what the heck I WANT to do now that the Barn is off the table.

I’ve learned that I don’t need to watch the news at all. Fireman does that for me and more. As Zach says, if you are distancing, what is the news going to do for you? I don’t want projections that make me sad. I need to shelter my heart from thoughts like, just when WILL I see my kids again? That one weighed real heavy on Fireman and My minds yesterday.

What have you learned.? Besides the fact, that you live with people you love enough to make sure you don’t use all the toilet paper in the house. Besides the fact that if your son’s phone stops working and you are a country away, your anxiety is going to go through the roof. Until the new phone arrives. And , Thank God, it finally did.

I”ve learned you guys are all really helpful in getting me through this with you. Thanks

Memorial Day, thanks.

It is not enough to say thanks. I am so grateful for all those who gave their lives for our freedoms and Democracy. I know that I need to honor my dad , and my husband’s dad, who both served . Their lives were spared. I honor all those who lost loved ones. When I feel sad about COVID, I often think, well at least my children are not fighting in a war. We cannot see them, but we know they are only in harms way if they choose it.

I need to make the flag stop curling up on itself. It is the unofficial start to summer in the USA. I love all things Summer. I really do. Give me the heat, humidity, flowers, weeds, porch days and porch nights, fireflies and fresh air. People are on the Lake and enjoying their boating.

Fireman plans to inflate the paddle boards today. His wetsuit is ready for the first paddle of the season. I have no wetsuit and will wait another month , patiently.

I spent all of my knit time yesterday, ripping out the mistake part of the shawl and getting those stitches back on the needles. I THINK I did it. Darned if I hadn’t dropped some stitches and not noticed. This was a time suck mistake. I don’t like undoing and redoing, but I know we all do it. If I hadn’t liked how it looked so much when I took it off the needles , I would have frogged it. But, there it was with the promise to be lovely even in baby poop color.

Update on Bo: Zach feels he has to change her name. He can’t get his head around her being a girl if she’s still Bo. So, yesterday he was trying out BILLY BO. or Billy. I love this as she has the billy goat shadow on her forehead!

Girls are ruling here today. Miss Dolly adorableness, who came in 5th out of nearly a hundred pet cats in the virtual cat contest, is beautiful!! I want to meet her…and I want to see my Al.

Finally, I let the Rhodes frozen dough over rise. I punched it down. Added cinnamon and stuck slivered almonds in it. Baked it. Glazed with the old milk/powdered sugar trick. It was amazingly good. Bear Claw knock off!!

Hold your horses, Bo’s a girl

Adorable Baby Bo is being spayed as we speak. Big news. The vet said, Bo’s a girl! We are all having a good yuck about this. Allison, Troy and I are thrilled because boys get lots of bladder/stones and girls seem not too.

So he drops his boy off. Then he walks home. Suddenly the vet is on a bicycle riding next to him. He tells Zach Bo is a girl. Does he still want the surgery? Of course..

That’s quite the service. Bicycle vet. I’m a little tiny bit nervous. So send good thoughts ok?? I know you will.

So I say she is now Bo Peep. No need to change her name. Zach is thinking of another name. Zoe? No? Suggestions?

This is making our morning very funny.

I’ll leave this post right here………

A Short Q and A on a Friday in May

Very proud momma, here. Zach created the logo for his friends’ cafe. I’m proud. Mother D in art here……..he didn’t get it from me. Can you see the panther?

What was your last bump in the road?

Here’s few or our bumps. They are bumps. Not potholes. (lol)
*Ordered a coat for Fireman’s birthday . Cancelled the coat. Received the coat. Like the coat. Attempting to pay company….

*I’m not driving the dang truck enough. I’m starting to fear it. Are you driving a lot less due to restrictions?

*Zach still has no iPhone. We are finding other ways. I am learning not to give unasked for advice….AGAIN. Am I ever going to master this art?

*My Kindle is finally working and I get it. That whole debacle was a big bump. But it is worth it. I’m reading again: but I should be listening so I can knit at the same time.

*Fireman had me pulling dandelions HIS way and I shouldn’t have. It hurt my thumb. Soreness, no blood. I went back to my way.

*I want to do something different. : Here are my current thoughts:

-buy chickens to raise

-foster kittens

-keep cycling 20 plus miles twice a week with Fireman on trails

-plan 4 day trips. I have put a comfort limit on trips. I don’t like leaving home, and Covid is making that way too comfy.

-I’d love to meet my sister and al at a common place. We all are 6 hours apart from Omaha…..

-I may learn to press flowers..

How about you? Any bumps in your road? Any new ways you want to spend your time?

So , I wanted to stop and take some photos on our bike trip yesterday. The trail was muddy in just a few spots, but in those spots, swarms of bugs attacked us. When I looked down to get back on my pedals, I found a nice clean 20 dollar bill laying at my foot. 🙂

That was fun. When was the last time you found some money?

But for who?

Ain’t she sweet?

See her comin’ down the street?

And if I ask you very confidentially,

Ain’t she sweeT?

This was a very easy pattern to knit . It is the Starting Out Knitted Baby Dress . Perfect instructions. Free Pattern on Ravelry. I used Cascade 220 for a washable baby gift. I had thoughts of mailing it somewhere, but I just cannot do another go round with delivery.


Zach still does not have his phone. Apple has opened a case ticket….

I’m still thinking of who would want this little dress. Someone nearby.

Yesterday Fireman painted the garage door and it is so sharp looking. I weeded his way and have a very sore thumb joint today. I saved all the dandelions and greens because we do not use any pesticides and I dropped them at my neighbors house. She has goats.

I, also, on a whim, recreated the SURVIVOR tribal council for my friend Karen. IF you are a fan, let me know and I can send it to you. Karen and I thought it was hilarious. Hilarious is very very good.

Caption: We are going to need a bigger boat.

Have a great day my blog pals. Every night I say to Fireman, well, “another day and we are all well!” My positivity does drive him crazy.

Keeping Occupied

Dolly our lil WINNER!!!!

We must begin with the 5th place winner of a large virtual cat contest. That’s our Dolly!!! She is such a perfect tabby/torti. Dolly, I can’t wait to meet you .

And an update showing our Bo. Bo is growing exponentially every day. Zach update, still no phone . What is this PIONEER days? Do we delivery by pony express ?

The baby dress is nearing completion. I have to measure it. I love the berry mixed in.

So there’s that.

I have listened to the following recently :
Amy Beth the Fat Squirrel : latest episode . Love her Steven West shawl in yellow.

The podcast: The Shrink Next Door: well, certainly quirky but I quit after one episode. If you like a mysterious podcast though, it is interesting enough

The podcast by: Jen Hatmaker which recently discussed the eeanagram scale with an expert. I have to listen to it again. I may be the wrong number. If you know about this, you’ll get it. IF you don’t, well you aren’t missing anything life changing. IT is just an interesting way to look at your behavior and others.

We are trying to finish the ESPN Chicago Bulls in depth story on their successes in the 1980s.

and I’m reading the books:

Rodeo Women of Oklahoma.

and The Girl Who Drank the Moon. This is a new fairy tale and I’m really interested in it now, that I am a few chapters in. The first chapter does grab you that’s for sure.

I have a couple new goals to share with you:

Put Simply I have been trying to get my c0-pays back for insurance claims and it has been a huge hassle . 3 services for care had to be authorized and everybody seemed to need a piece of information. I finally got one reimbursement yesterday . I am giving myself the rest of the month off for the other two. They are being worked on, I was told last week . It does me no good to keep aggravating myself and un like my dad who loved a good challenge, I’m sick of it.

Now that my father is passed, I feel this strange freedom to do as I wish. I like it.

Another new goal: try to keep cycling twice a week with Fireman. I had given thought to fostering a cat during COVID, but Tank is not that well.

And another goal: Rethink where I am putting my energy. Do I need to contact and keep up with everyone during Covid? Do I want to? What am I getting out of this?

I do enjoy the zoom and Facebook social live communications. I do find sending our friend with Dementia, a letter to be a way we can show our support to him and his family..


Letters , I write Letters

Dear Miss Pie,

We are truly sorry for changing the furniture on the porch. (but we are not going back) You are showing your blindness . I know if we can just leave it as it, for a bit, you will have memorized the new space out there. In the meantime, please quit falling off the ledge when you want to get down. You land just find, but it is NOT graceful. And Thank you for letting me get a good photo of you, darlin’.

Dear Virtual Cat Show,

We entered. Dolly, BO and Fezzik each were in different categories. Well, well, well Miss Dolly came in 5th with a judge in the household pet category! Way to go Dolly. You sweet thang . You showed the boys up!

Dear Clematis,

You are, once again making me so happy with your flowering. I just got lucky here, I know that. But , you make me look genius. So this is your early spring plant. The two others , that are on either side of you, have the later blossom timelines. So far the deer haven’t wanted you. This is our 3rd or 4th year together. So good for you!!

Dear new shawl ,

You have some possum in you!!! That’s why I love you. Don’t get all wound up…pun I plan to work on the baby dress, instead of you . Little Knits did deliver my berry cascade 220, and I am ready to put some rose into the aqua dress. So behave in your bag. No shenanigans. No Tom foolery.

Dear Oklahoma Rodeo Women,

I am learning so much from the book Al and Zach sent me. You really forged the way for the NFR. I’m glad there are black and white photos in the book that help me SEE who you were. As for me, I am unsure if we will be able to get back to our Volunteering until a vaccine for COVID is best practice. I sure miss those horses , ladies, I sure do. I may have to go photograph horses today to see how it feels.

I know you ladies got bucked off and trampled and all and you got back up on those horses. But I am nearly 60, and my life expectancy is longer than yours was. I don’t want to be injured and hobbling round the ranch…

I mean driveway, in my 90s. You know? Those big beautiful animals are powerful and I still replay my injury in my head.

Dear Ferns,

You remind me of my father’s cabin in Minocqua. Thanks to our pals Maribeth and John for giving you to us. You do well at the grass edge before the woods. I love you just unfurling. Fireman says we could eat you….I say , well we aren’t at the point yet. Please spread in the shady areas. Choke out the weeds, please.

Dear UPS,

Please deliver Zach’s phone today as promised. This momma is not doing well, while we wait for the phone to arrive. I thought I was fine. But, I’m not. I need my family to have constant phone availability. I’ve developed a twitch…because of my son not having a working phone. It isn’t attractive. I’ve also eaten 3 packages of pop tarts in 24 hours. I can’t go on like this… Please …..DELIVER

Thanks for being crabby with me!

Well, there’s some direction for you! We saw this on an old bridge that is now part of a biking path. Fireman is out without me ,this morning, cycling. We are enjoying our rides together but he is an early bird and I’m barely awake enough to post.

I got less crabby when you all told me you were crabby, too. Oh , and I may have purchased a mini ice cream maker . You don’t need salt and it is called the Dash . It only makes a cup of ice cream. You can make low fat ice cream. That’s my intention. It worked like a little charm last night.

Today, like every other day in the past week,it seems, I’m casting on anew. I dropped a bunch of stitches on the fingerless gloves with one wrong double pointed needle switch. Don’t you hate that? I usually let out a good swear word and Fireman says, Ugh oh…..

There were some funny goats ready to let me take their photos yesterday. I swear Bo still looks like he has a goat between his eyes.

So why then am I not showing you Bo?? Well, a terrifying thing happened to me, as a mom. Zach’s old phone starting not taking big charge. Then no charge at all. Hopefully he will get his new phone today. We have been using Facebook messenger and I can honestly say, I never thought I’d honestly say this, But Thank God for Facebook. As soon as Zach has a nice phone I can show Bo bo. He is very funny and quite independent in some ways . Then he falls asleep mid Mew and we all laugh.

My wild apples in the woods are buddying . They are gorgeous!!! We have two trees of wild apples. I should feed them somehow.

I wish you some blissful craftime today .