All Fool’s Eve and an Invite

One more Fun day!

What’s creepier here? I’m not sure . The doll head body on the tree stump or the crazy clown in the bottom corner of the photo?


Honestly, this is WHAT most homes are going for and I think it is sweet My only trick or treats will be a ding dong ditch to my neighbors porch. I got my buddy golden retrievers, Cody and Daisy, each a new sqeaky fleece bone. They Get their own bags that I will decorate, WHEN I finish posting

Oh and Fireman gets a pumpkin bread I bought yesterday At Simple Bakery WHERE I left my wallet. WHO, was the sweet cashier who saved it for me immediately? How much of a tip should I have given her? I gave her 5 dollars….HOW much do you think I should have given?

Okay so some spookiness here:

We are being told to STAY HOME in Wisconsin. And we comply. With our new infection rates, I don’t even want carry out food someone looked at! I can go a long time on cereal, coffee, stuff in the freezer . For goodness sakes, we are not the Donner’s here. We have all the comforts of home

WHich, Allison does not. She’s been without power for a few days now . I bought her an ORORO vest like mine that you charge with a phone charging cord. THen ,you know it warms the vest and you feel so good in it! Amazon said they would expedite the order , given her circumstances and she will get it tomorrow.

we are gearing up for the BIG DAY. DAY OF THE DEAD is Zach’s birthday!

Okay, finaly, I will be hosting a zoom blog pal party tomorrow Halloween at noon. Please get ahold of me privately on Ravelry messages with your phone number so I can send you a link! You don’t have to dress up. If you have a black cat, bring it into the group for a moment! WOuld you like to come? I know Mildly granola does! I will be having a giveaway to one lucky blog pal. Yup . It is yarn!

Ravelry: Huckmom

More Halloween Fun …..

My sister is a watercolor painter. She worked on this beautiful cat this week online with her virtual class :The original Cat was drawn and painted by:

: Endre Panovac at Saatchi Art – and my sister Michelle, of course, wanted to give him the appropriate credit for his original. I love it.

A neighbor down the way, as in 3 miles away,, has this cute jack o lantern display in their front window. It is a darling old Victorian and it is so fun for the Trick or Treat time.

Well It took me a day or so but I found our guest from years ago, who attended our Halloween Party as an out house. He really made us laugh.

I watched Young Frankenstein in Spanish tonight. I’m trying to improve so when I visit Zach , I can be speaking correctly . And lets face it, I’ve memorized the movie in English.

I continue to work on my shawl, and it is coming along. It is a very straightforward pattern by Drop Dead Knits. I just needed to repeat it a few times so I understood it.

Final Halloween thought for today: I hope that those of you who have family who dress up will share the joy of the day. One bright woman who reads this blog, ahem, Mildly Granola, is going to have her kids run around the house and trick or treat till they have their fun and candy . I say that is a smart Mummy.

I love Black Cats….

First, let me thank you all for your answers to yesterday’s questions. Oh I laughed at the V-8 juice being put in the bath tub and walls, for the guests at a party. That had to look crazy! I also, loved hearing about your candy preferences and your yarn trades. That was fun.

Well, I never went to a party as a black cat, but I’m going to have to someday.

We love black cats. Don’t we? Eastside Cats said 10/27 was Black Cat day. So I have to chime in: (a day late)

My friend Madelon sent this black cat mask after she made it for me. She knows I love my cats. My mask gets lots of attention.

Allison had this cute retro cat game on her coffee table. Perfect .

Miss Pie is our tiny one. She is rather brown late in summer in spots, because she loves to lie down in the sun patches on the screened porch.

We prefer a black cat napkin holder and napkins too.

And every good witch loves a sweet black cat. Why are there no pictures of Beatles our black beauty and all of 10 lbs and feeling great again? Because he insists on walking into the camera lens before I can take a picture. I have so many “Out takes” of the Bea.

My sister painted a lovely black cat that I am adding to this post tomorrow.

There is knitting my friends. The shawl and I are getting comfortable with each other. My hand likes the lace yarn for sure. But the progress is slow, so you know. You’ll see it soon a bit bigger than before.

And I finished the 3 plus hour kristi glass Rhinebeck sweater episode..and wanted more…


Here lies Read, she died reading in bed. Or, Here lies Read, she drank a whole bottle of Mead.

Let’s do some Fall/Halloween Q AND A SHALL WE?

Since we all are going to buy just one bag of candy in case we get a trick or treater, masked and shivering at our door, which candy will it be ?

Would you rather walk the streets with the kids, (in the old days) or pass the candy out the front door?

Do you remember Mary Tyler Moore in the amazing Ordinary People movie? She passed out perfect caramel apples to the neighborhood trick or treaters. That scene was astounding to me. I never got a caramel apple on a silver tray when I rang the bell. Did you?

Do you remember hosting Halloween parties? In our 20s Fireman and I hosted one for several years in a row. We had people come dressed as : an outhouse, (I’ll find that photo!) , The Honeymooners, A bottle of Glue, the Blues Brothers and scarecrows. We did bob for apples and we got quite silly.

I half remember Halloween as part Holiday as the Catholic School I attended, considered All Saints day, November 1st, a Holy Day. We didn’t have school.

I remember getting full sized candy bars back in the day. My favorite: always Baby Ruth. And you?

Finally, I love the smell of a lit pumpkin and I love the shadows that come from the carved openings. Will you carve a pumpkin even though its a covid Halloween? I will.

If you could trick or treat for yarn, what would you want and what would you trade away?

See you in the comments.

5 Days to Halloween……

My posts are going to be full of ghosts, goblins and tricks and treats all week.

Miss Pie the Tricky Witch

Miss Pie didn’t see me coming. Of course, she’s blind, but she knows! I tricked her into a very quick hat photo. She is the most endearing little thing. And she is starting off Halloween week here at Compassionknit.

For all you hookers out there, crochet is come back to life. I have watched so many people on Kristi Glass’ Rhinebeck Sweater, talk about crochet color work. It is all the rage. I cannot understand what pattern name they are all talking about, but I could understand the Aztec Crochet sweater. You can see it and buy it on Ravelry. There are no floats when you do crochet color work. I know…how spooky is that?

This my friends is the trick to getting my hands back into shape. It is the Short Beach Shawl from the book: Drop Dead Easy Knits. Well, how fitting is that? It is like knitting a spiderweb. I am using Red Heart Croquette in the color way Titanium.

Have you seen the haunted car washes that are all the rage? What brilliant person thought it up? Supposedly the car wash is crazy creepy fun. And safe because you stay in your car. Apparently , we have one nearby our town. Oh yeah, I’ll talk my Fireman into taking me…..

Boo. Boo. Booboo. Bo.Hoo

I’m trying to rest my right hand because something spooky is going on there of late. So I am putting all my comments to your posts’ here. It is easier on my hands this way. Already saw the doctor,got a referral. Not going to any more offices right now. Might go burn sage…..

But first, my love of cosmos grows. It has been cold, sleeting, and the only flowers still producing blooms , and cheerfully at that, are the cosmos. Remember? 99 Cents a package.

And, here is my Show Me Your Rhinebeck Sweater. Tis a failed acrylic sweater from years ago, when I was a different size. I decided I would stuff it and see if any of the finicky felinicus wanted it. Miss Pie took it over asap. IT is fair to say I’m watching every single minute of the nearly 4 hour SHOW ME YOUR RHINEBECK sweater .

Now for comments on my pals blogs here:

Teresa showed us some Jade things she just acquired for her collection. THe rolling pin is the BEST!!!

Kym suggests we watch the Flower Punk film and I shall!

Eastside Cats lets us in a big secret: Julia Child Love her Cats! And , there is a book to prove it.

Nancy made us laugh……again. Nancy you are doing a good job adding humor to these difficult days.

Dee, Giruox needs to be on a commercial. He is gorgeous.

Betsy knit another gorgeous sweater for Piper. I think I want to be Betsy’s granddaughter for my next life.

Nothing But Knit, show us a fair isle cowl, that is so beautiful it deserves a ribbon.

Mildly Granola sent me to her pals Pottery site! Mud and String pottery.

Kat got some gorgeous photos of the Pileated Woodpecker hanging around her house. THey are so prehistoric looking. THanks. Loved them.

Suzy from Shells has her 3rd foster pup to settle and raise. I am so proud of her. It is not easy . I consider any fosters, angels.

Val and her quilt shop are up and running. You know how precisely she knits, sews and creates designs. Well, her shop doesn’t disappoint. Will someone have a baby so I can buy a baby quilt?

Sprite got a warm evening read in , although the sun set on her and she flashlight read for a bit. I LOVE THAT.

Honore is busy creating journals. She puts a lot of thought into her days and planning them.

Bonny gave us a strange but beautiful caterpillar and a lovely , sweet poem to go with it.

Pumpkin Sunrise finsihed the sweater her sister started and couldnt finish. THat’s some sister. I don’t think I’d do that for aNY of mine, and I do love some of my sisters.

Hand Eye Kim and her son listen to podcasts and one is the JV Club. I will give it a try.

Kim in Oregon continues to feed us breathtaking views of the shore.

Vera made Val’s Lava Lace socks and they are perfect!! Yarn and patttern mix together to make an amazing fancy foot decoration.

Cindy at Delighted hands did the best job with a tangled ripped out sock….and has already turned it into a almost finished purple sock to die for.

Deb in Maryland is Steeking. Oh my. Everyone on show me your sweater who steeks amazes me. .One mom/daughter team has quite the story to tell about steeking Deb.

Steph In San Fran had a daughter grow up some more last week. I loved the teenage years. Her people are becoming their own persons!

IF I forgot anyone, I am So So Sorry. I appreciate all of your blogs and all of you lurkers. The sun is out for the first time in about a week. I’m off to look at more colors with Fireman, on foot.

Oh many of you ask what are you doing this weekend during covid:
we are isolating

hoping to have a campfire.

Watching Dodgers play the World Series

Sitting on the porch with plastic on the windows and a new heater

knitting, the lightest laciest shawl ever written


I’m waiting for my jewelry tools to arrive.

A list from Rhinebeck

Beautiful Fingerless Mitts worn by owner ( needle maker) of Indian Lake Artisans: Tangy . Pattern on Ravelry.

If you haven’t seen the Foxpaws Shawl, go take a look. It is stunning. I believe the person I saw wearing it on Show Me Your Rhinebeck virtual Sweater Group, used Dos Tierras Malabrigo. Stacked knitting, I believe is the term used for the technique in the pattern.

The Witches Brew- ti -ful crochet hat is darling. It is whimsical. Take a look. It involves crochet in the back loop method. I cannot tell you what that means, but I bet Sue could tell us or Teresa! And it could be done swiftly for Halloween!

Kimberly Buchy on you tube shows how to spin your fibers straight from the bunny tummy. I know that she was not the one I saw at virtual Rhinebeck 2020 but I can’t find it. Kimberly does a fine job. –

Sheep Incognito is a favorite of Karen’s so I did go look around . Not for yarn, but for art! Very interesting art and sheep.

There was a sweater based on the Aztec Scarf design by Amy O’Neill. A girl named Katherine had created a sweater with the scarf design, from Aztec Scarf. I am trying to reach her to get more details. It was just exquisite. She used stroll fingering yarn in Cork, Hollyberry and Forest Heather. It was STUNNING.

One of my favorite sweaters I found during Rhinebeck, was Michelle Kupfer’s Cozy Boat Neck Pullover in worsted. It is a beginner pattern and it is just lovely. Someone showed it to us and I had to write that one down.

How about this one? The Kaleidoscope Sweater by Laurel Gervitz, done in Spun Cloud. It is a bulky beautiful fun knit. I’d love to make that one, too.

When you are in a group on a virtual platform, and you are amazed by all the amazing knitters out there, it is a challenge to take notes. I tried. I know you have to take the time to go to Ravelry and look these up. I hope you will find it well worth it.

Those who put together virtual Rhinebeck did a great job. I know many people were able to join this year because of all the work they did. I was busy getting as much as I could out of this fabulous event. Thanks for coming along.

Catching up.

I feel like much has been going on and I am behind in almost everything. However, the things that matter prevail, and the dusting can wait. I may have to double up on posts, just kidding…

So First;

This little hat is being blocked. Hooray , I washed it by hand, with a color guard sheet . I did not bleed. I’m so glad. The brim will be decided after it is dry. I may fold the brim in half and sew it into place. It is just folded up right now while it dries.

I have some fun Halloween photos to share with you. After the visit to the beautiful Basillica, Holy Hill, we headed home. Along the roadside was an amazing display of nearly 100 skeletons. They are depicting a wedding. See?

I hope the rain won’t muss it up. The display took a lot of effort, obviously. With COVID running around everywhere, it was very fun of someone to try to make a big Halloween scene for the rest of us. It certainly made us laugh. The Packer Fans were clearly sneaking out early to go to the game…

I am currently working on a shawl, that should take forever. But, it will be worth it. Photos soon. As you all know, when you cast on 258 stitches the rows grow slowly.

I have to tell you about my shawl pin class via Rhinebeck. I’ll start by saying, I am very glad that I took the class. I did learn a lot. The hard way. It was a two hour class on Sunday afternoon. I’ve taken classes before on, oh say, getting a perfect fit for your body with a pattern that is not really written for your particular shape. I abandoned that class, by zoning out, after about 45 minutes. Allison learned and listened the whole time. This was years ago. I claim fatigue as a mom who worked 12 hour hospital shifts.

This time I listened the whole time. I had a set up , thanks to Fireman, in another part of the house. He could watch the Bears Game in peace. I could hammer, or stammer away.

Here’s what I learned. I Can make a lovely shawl pin and stick. But, you know how frugal I am, right?. I wasn’t about to go buy materials, if I didn’t like the process.

Well, it was near impossible to create with what I had , ahem, brought to the table. I was trying to use the copper piano wires we saved. Note: I did email the instructor and she did not get back to me in time, to say NO! I would need a blow torch and the strength of ten body builders on steriods to bend and flatten that material.

So I was learning how to do it, without actually succeeding. Fireman came in a few times to try to help. Others were pounding and bending away , and their pins were beautiful.

In the end, the instructor told me, to “Let your husband have his tools, and go get your own just for jewelry.” It was good advice, but a said with a bit of unkindness to it.

I know I can do it. I can’t wait to do it. I ordered my own materials and yes, I will be successful. Sometimes I learn the most by making mistakes.

Have you tried to bend metal?

Holy Smokes and Holy Hill

  1. Yesterday was cold and clear, until it wasn’t. Then we had snowflakes. Very Funny ghouls and goblins.
  2. Fireman and I went to see the leaves and say some prayers at the Holy Hill Basilica about an hour from us.
  3. Quiet, contemplative, peaceful, colors ablaze, and the gift shop. There are COVID -19 Novena beads. I had to get two for my two most worried friends from High school. They will laugh and love them.
  4. No kidding, they have drive through confession. But not yesterday.

Sometimes when you see something you see it everywhere , you know. See:

5. Fireman just informed me he does not see the connection,
“Except for the colors.”

6. Every corner of the stairwell that we turned smell like someone was having a bowel issue. I’m not kidding. But, then we got outside and realized, the Monks were cooking cabbage. Ha!

7.I got some shawl knitting done in the car. I’m on track ladies.

8. Gotta run. Said lots of prayers and I included all of you who are asking for some peace and calm right now.

I have lots more to chat with you about. I spent last night watching The Chicago 7, with Fireman. Powerful. While I was watching I was hemming a pair of linen pants. I have NEVER hemmed anything ever. So this is 60~!

Rhinebeck ….the Virtual Way

I was finally able to get my photos to download today. I was shakey the night I took the full moon image. Just over a week ago, their were mosquitoes out and hungry bats who swoop too low for my liking. I was in a hurry but I like the blur………

My last 3 days have been a true escape because of the RHinebeck folks who let me participate for a song this year. I know those of you who haven’t missed actually going there in 20 years, really felt sad this time. I , however, thought it was amazing. Allison had asked Fireman if she could take me to Rhinebeck this year for my 60th birthday gift. We all agreed Covid -19 was not going to let us. Even if they had the event in Rhinebeck, we wouldn’t rish the crowds and travel.

So when I realized I could GO to Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival right there in WISCONSIN, I was thrilled.

Al and Karen and I attended the toned down show me your Rhinebeck sweater event last Friday. I took a million notes. We all did. I saw the most lovely crocheted sweater I have ever laid eyes on. This darling girl from New York was making it. She was using 3 skins of knit picks and It was gorgeous. I’ve got to find her on ravelry and or somewhere in my notes and ask her to share the information again. It was THAT gorgeous.

Al wore her beautiful Katmandu yarn cardigan to Show ME, and she looked great in it. I was very proud of her. I had to go first and I only had a big super bulky entry level color blocked crop sweater to show. It was fine. I hope some one newer to knitting will feel they can make it. Better Homes and Gardens book had the pattern and I held up the book too.

Saturday was shopping and I cannot tell you what MRs. Claus may have found for Allison that is beyond perfect for her. Karen and I spent some time in a shop together. So sometimes you would go to a vendors virtual site and you would be the only one there. Other times there were a few people. People were polite and as newer people showed up on the screen, others stepped out. Sometimes, though I was caught as the only shopper and it was a tad uncomfortable. Today, Sunday the shopping volume seemed way down. (compared to Saturday mid day)

Between feeding the cats and staying glued to Rhinebeck, I barely saw Fireman. I told him from the start to think of this weekend as, The Masters Golf tournament for him. He got it.

I have a ton more to tell you. I took a class today at 1 pm on shawl pin making. Im sure I can make lovely pins with the right wire! I wanted to recycle the copper coiled wire from the piano pull apart, but that was the WRONG kind of material. The other wire I had was too hard and by the end of 2 hours, I typed in the chat notes: I Should have gotten a tetanus shot before this class. No. one. Laughed. But you should have seen me trying to bend metal .

Gotta go. Hoping the lil nuthatch we sent to the rescue is better. I found a gorgeous feather in the yard a few days ago. A dear friend collects feathers so I sent her one. I am fairly certain after some investigating on line that is is an underbelly feather of a great horned owl.

So: lots more to tell you this week about notes I took. at the Virtual Wooly FestivAL.