So I’ve Been Wondering…..

A siamese and a tabby make lynx cat, who knew?

And I mentioned wanting to make a purse with these handles, and you asked to see them. So I wonder what kind of pattern I need for this to work . I wonder if felting the purse is the best way to go since I don’t sew or line things . I wonder…..if you know.

So I wonder who donated this bench. I love the saying and agree with John. John we need this more than ever with Covid. Even if we are bound by looking through our windows,we can still see clouds weather sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, budding trees, grasses getting greener, and migrating birds coming back to Wisconsin. Thanks John.

I wonder how many times I’ve made dump cakes? It all started with P.Allen Smiths Pumpkin dump cake that I tried one November. I LOVE dump cakes . They taste amazing . Look one up. OH so easy. Oh so flavorful.

I wonder why I dropped so many stitches on this baby and had to go back to color ONE. I don’t mind. But I DID mind tinking back!

And one more wonder; I swear I wonder this Everyday: What can I do with all the laundry lint we make ? Does anyone have a good use for it? Please? I want to recycle it. Help!

Letters, letters, I’m writing letters…

Dear Adorable Bo. I see your goat marking well on today’s wake up photo! Hi Zach you are at great daddy. Grow Bo , Grow.

Dear Book lovers in paper form,

This bookmark is so fun and quick to make. I’m going to make a few more with the rest of the yarn I have. IT makes a leaf pocket. It is the incredibly written: 4 Leaf Corner Pattern and can be found on Ravely. Why do small things trill me so?

This one is also made from bulky and is a fall leaf theme! Thank you Book Lovers for all of your recent suggestions!

Dear Original Baby Blanket thoughts, I Didn’t think you added anything to the childlike theme, so you are for books, not this blanket.

Dear reader who remember the USPS debacle with AL’s log cabin quilt. This gift baby blanket was sent through FED EX. Please, Fed ex, come through like a champ for me!

Dear non judgmental readers,

My friend Larry, Vietnam Vet who survives with fishing and art painting, and I went fishing yesterday. We we’re in a creek that is rushing now. I made signs to tell him what we were doing next. We never got closer than10 fee from one another . I wore a mask the whole time. Larry caught 10 fish and felt renewed and happy. I was happy for worked.

Dear Idea ladies ,

I’ve had these two wooden purse handles forever. How to I knit into them? Help help!!

Love Peace and Facemarks,


A Blanket Finish!

I decided to make a pocket on the baby blanket. I think the parents can tuck a pacifier in it! Later, the little boy can put a toy car or something in it!

Before blocking…..

Ready to ship. I love how soft this blanket is!!! The ICE bulky yarn is wonderful and you can see the yellow flecks in it which are nice with the Lornas laces yellow shaded yarns.

Tonight I made a Leaf Book mark in Bulky scraps from Deb at Cashmere Cape.

It doesn’t really show that Spring is arriving in the woods, but it is. I have a large area you can see on the floor of the woods, that has been controlled burned and is ready for my planting clover in about a month. There is moss growing on tree limbs. The wren is back and I hope she’ll pick the new house we put up for her.

The warblers were around on our trail walk the other day! Today was just beautiful out. So, why did I clean the house? Oh well. I was able to have the porch open and take a much needed nap with our bedroom screen door open for fresh air!!

One upsetting thing happened yesterday. Fireman and I went on a bike ride , me on my electric assist of course, and we got to a road and decided to turn around there. The road had houses on the east side of the road, leading up the hill and a farm field on the other side of the road.

As soon as I got over the hill to turn around, a man began shooting from his porch with his rifle. I was wearing a bright pink jacket, there was no mistaking we were in the road. I couldn’t see Fireman over the other side of the hill. I began screaming: ARE YOU OKAY? DID HE SHOOT YOU!???? I was hysterical.

I got over the hill and Fireman was fine and waiting for me. We were not happy at all with this nut. He waited until we got back on the main road and he started again. It was a public road. It was not a private road with NO TRESPASSING .

I will NEVER bike down that road again. I was told if It happened again to call the Sheriff if someone is shooting into the road. What a jerk this guy was. Who knows, stuck at home, he may have tossed a bunch of booze down his throat and felt like shooting for fun.

This is the WORST thing I have encountered during this COVID time. I am so grateful we are fine. I won’t let it bother me and interfere with cycling with Fireman. He has done this for years and never been shot at.

NO wonder IM so tired today!


We had to go on a woods walk yesterday. We saw a few people and everyone stayed away and waved. This is a photo I like because the colors lined up for me. This is spring fed river in Wisconsin: Highlight: warblers spotted! First of the year!

Who can tell me and Fireman what this was? It is on the grounds of the trail museum….

The Lichen is about to bloom. OH it is so pretty when it does!

This teenage was making me so angry! He and a girl were behind us on the trail, we moved up , and it was difficult so they could pass in the social distance range. Then they went to the next structure on the tour and goofed on for a long time there. They knew we wanted to take photos and this guy was just acting like an idiot. He had his phone with him playing music I don’t really like at all. Rap. Bad Rap. And he was bound and determined to show off to her .

It took them forever to leave, and when they did, they came right towards us and we had to move again. I was so angry , you guys. I was stewing. Ihaven’t felt anger like that in a long time . Fireman said, ‘Just don’t say anything” so I didn’t . My goodness I could nt believe how mad I was. Disturbing our peaceful walk with THEIR music and not moving along so others could enjoy the landmarks safely.

This photo is almost like a painting to me. I told Fireman It is our new house.

I know it looks dismal, but the SUN came out roaring after this! We got home and I worked for 4 hours in the woods. I swear I’m done. We moved the bluebird house, and Fireman built a new one last weekend. We moved the bird feeder to the front of our woods.

IF the opossum or raccoons or whatever are going to forage for shells, they can make a mess in the woods. We put out some cheap but needed solar lights. And I continued to do a burn and safely spread the ashes on the woods floor to kill the invasive species. I am ready to plant my clover but its not time yet.

Also big news: we saw our first warbler on our trail walk! it is spring when the warblers arrive. We saw our Wren too at our water bird bath! Hope she takes up residence in the new wren house we choose for her.

So I overdid the work. I was exhausted. Oh, I also set stakes and wire where I want the clover to grow.

I am still unsure of the leaf part. But I have another idea!

Okay so to answer some questions! Lol :

*The night I slept in my clothes, I had this reasoning. Fireman was so tired and had been upstairs an hour before me. He is easily awakened and has trouble sleeping after 30 year of firehouse disruptive sleep ….So I stayed in my clothes and just slid into bed.

The Bingo card I made up on my own. I did see someone else did it, and I made my own!

Have a good day! I hope you get sun!!!

Bo …again. Bo. Therapy:

Well, I guess the world knew that getting Bo would be good for all of us!

It helps when you daddy is a photographer….
LOOK AT THAT KITTEN, that I Cannot get my hands on!

In knit news: I finished the baby blanket knitting part. Now I’m decided if I will indeed put leaves on it, or if I will crochet something on the bottom panel…….

I made a COVID knitter BINGO card for myself .

You probably can’t read my awful writing so, I’ll just tell you the ones I have crossed off:

  • Cast off , the baby blanket
  • Bought yarn at a LYS drop off
  • Voted Absintee
  • Didn’t not get into pajamas, just slept in clothes…I can explain
  • Had a No News Day
  • Watched Stand up Comedy: Jim Gaffigan, Midwest Guy
  • Ran out of Milk
  • Took a nap after 4 pm
  • Found a lost knit (hat in the woods)

It is kind of fun to make yourself a card.

Hope I helped you to smile. And I”ve already April fooled, Fireman, My friend Kath in LA and my Sister in Minnesota

We need some April fools fun, I think.

One More Day of March Madness

First this month has been for the birds. You can see a trio here, that Fireman thinks are Mergansers. They did not have the loon look or behavior. This is our typical March weather. Can you say, shut the blinds and don’t look at it anymore. We are just giving it the attention it wants.

Little Bo gets up very early to Teach with Zach. His students LOVE seeing him. He won’t stop talking until after the first class. After 4 hours they are both toast. The goat shadow above his nose and between his ears is so easy to see in this shot!

My baby blanket with Lornas Laces and ICE. I love it. I’m almost ready for the top garter rows. Then the LEAVES! Deb at my LYS generously gave me some bits of big wool in the leaf colors I wanted. Thanks Deb!

Well, I have to go find where I’ll get some milk today. There are options. You’ll stay safe and know I’m with you in this! Stay in. Stay safe.

I’m cutting fireman’s hair …hahaha. I had Alexa play the music from the musical HAIR. I think he’s scared…….WHAT? I will do great!

The Cats Think I’m Crazy

So we tried the fake lap yesterday. Mostly we did this for amusement , because, you know….COVID isolation. But, the only one who sat on it, was ….

TANK! I find it very funny.

I feel I should show you dear DOLLY, AL’s adopted female. She’s growing up ! Now , why do Dolly and Lincoln nurse off each others nipples? Anyone? Are they crazy? I’ve never seen grown cats do this……but I’m not judging!

If you google Lynx Siamese this is what you will see. When a Siamese and tabby mate their kittens are Lynx and gorgeous. Bo, Zach’s new kitty, has stripes on his legs, and a fully dark tail, with striking blue eyes. He will grow up gorgeous!

Let me just tell you that I have knitted a lot, on baby blankets with yellows and greens. I will show you tomorrow. My friend Kath, in L.A. said I had to shut off the news,

what an epiphany!
She said to start watching the NExtflix series :Tiger King.
It is crazy pants nuts. I’ve told you we have a large animal sanctuary in Sharon Wisconsin. I found helping there on ONE Saturday in 2016 to be so depressing, I could not go back .

This series is less about the animals and more about the people who become cult like when they move into trailers on the sanctuary property and answer to the Owner….

Human nature is fascinating..

So tomorrow, I will show you the blanket. It is so pretty.

Happy Monday of another week where we move toward normalcy of some sort and we hang on to each other !!!!

Oh, the Places You’ll GO!

This is not my kitty. I Love her sad eyes. I would love to adopt her. She’s at the shelter where I used to volunteer. My mind is percolating with thoughts….

I have a good link if you want one: it is From the Harvard Business Review. It is called :The Discomfort You Are Feeling is Grief. It is short and it is so good!

We are writing our Governor to let the golf courses in Wisconsin stay open with COVID precautions in place. I’ m worry our nearby beautiful course will topple. They hold our GOLF OUTING every year for the Barn. I sent the Governor a message through a link. I put the information on Facebook. They already have protocols that would go into effect if they are allowed to reopen.

I’M off to my LYS! Deb is putting my yarn out the door and I’m writing her a check. I also giving her my gloves. She needs them to stay open.

We are expecting thunder showers, which I love. Two Bolts of lightening kept me up as I was falling into sleep. But I love that.

Zach’s lil Bo is doing great. Oh my gosh. He’s adorable. Zach got the wormer and momma me can stop the worry. If you want to have fun, try watching Dr. Pol . I love to see the pets he takes care of , for people in Michigan.

Finally, Fireman and Zach watch HOT ONES on you tube. IT is funny. It is show that invited celebrities to be interviewed by Sean Evans while they eat hot wings. I know it may not sound interesting BUT IT IS!!!

I am going to watch the 2013 movie FIXED . IT is only one hour. IT is about advances in med technology for handicapped people. I know I”ll like it. I saw a clip about a person in a wheel chair scuba diving!

Have a good day. Stay well. I hug you all. !!! Any things We should take a look at?


The first loon of 2020

I think it is fair to say it was a loony Thursday. I’m glad today is Friday.

We saw this loon yesterday in the Bay. Fireman spotted it and we studied it and when got closer we confirmed it was a LOON. I loved Kathryn Hepburn in ON GOLDEN POND. I loved her loon calls. Rain ! Rain! Perhaps thats why we had a gloomy kind of rainy day , yesterday. The loons are just passing through and feeding in the lake. They will end up much farther north in Wisconsin and Minnesota. As for the winter birds, the Juncos refuse to leave…..

I realized the baby blanket in bulky would require 3 skeins at least, and I only had two of the dreamy yellow. I talked to Deb at Cashmere Cape and realized the ICE yarn, made in Turkey in the color way Mystery Wool might work. I love this combination. It is such simple blanket that the color change felt very rewarding! I have done the unthinkable and stopped in the middle of the row…. but I’ll knit on it a lot Today, Friday.

Zach and Billbo, or BO, are doing well. I , over attentive granny, insisted he take the 40 minute walk to the pet shop and get him the meds to worm that baby. Having fostered mom cats and kittens I know the drill. I’m so glad he listened to me! They are doing well together. As he teaches on line, the students are enthralled with Bo. HE tends to be rambunctious for his 5 a.m class, (time difference in CHINA) and sleep through the rest of the classes.

How are you doing? Loony or sane?

Thursday Kitty and Home Births

Oh My this is so hard, not to see him in person!!!!!! He’s a vocal and fun kitten! Yesterday Zach tried BillBo out on him. Mostly calling him Bo.

Warning next photo maybe be graphic!!

I spent a good half hour emailing Zach ‘s friend who is preparing in case she has to deliver at home. This is my explanation of how to cut the cord between two ties. I also explained temp regulation and how you have to stimulate many babies to breathe after they are delivered. Its normal and I went into the details . Warm hat. Warm blanket. Warm mamma. Other stuff.

I did call my old unit and ask if there are new practices, but there really aren’t . There are some parents who want to wait to bathe the baby for 24 hours. Not necessarily recommended, but gaining in popularity. Ew. I’ve bathed thousands of newborns. They are gunky……

It did me good to help someone as an old nurse. I am not going to the front lines as many suggest. I did that already . It broke me into two after 30 years.

Got to get to the store! We are a social society . Thank goodness for phones, texts, emails and all those things. 🙂