Leftover Socks: Olympic effort


*My Olympic effort: side by side double ankles…..well I mean socks.

Don’t laugh Lindsay Vaughn, this involves 4 balls of yarn, 8 double point needles and a Fair Isle Motif pattern book.

It was born of a bit of regret; I needed to use up some leftover sock yarn. I am nothing if not frugal.  The yarn, well  not enough left for a true single sock, but surely enough for some fair isle technique.

There is no pattern.   That’s it’s brilliance.  As long as I complete each “section” and then go immediately to the other sock, I ‘ve got them matching.  Without taking notes and without second sock syndrome.

And I am so in love with Adam Rippon.  So many Olympic stories move me.   We actually heard a friend say, last week, that he dislikes all the back stories!  What?!!!  Well, it takes all kinds, my mom would say.  I’m hear for the stories, folks.   How about you?



All Socks and a Technology Save


This is my new exchange.  I took some yarn in that I didn’t like and exchanged it for this self-patterning skien. I rarely have the shop wind my yarn, and I believe this has saved me more than once.

I get impulsive at the shops.  Then I get home and think, what?????? So I OFTEN am exchanging yarns.  Bailey just smiles at me, because I do this all the time.

I went from not having any ideas to have MANY sock ideas today.

What’s this Kathy B?  Are you making white socks?  Nope, this is going to be my next big sock thrill.   I’m not telling,  but I needed this koigu for my latest plan to hatch.  I’ll be able to show you tomorrow, I hope.


I continue to take snow photos, because we still have snow.  We did take our Christmas white lights down from the evergreens yesterday.  I wanted to leave them up, but Fireman thought it TIME.

I completed one sock and started its pair last night with the 100% wool.  I am very happy with the finish.  By using 5 needles I was able to omit those awful lines down the sockunnamed-6.jpg body.

I’m giving myself permission to cast on another pair of socks and give the second sock a bit of a rest.  The yarn is warm but has very little give and I have to watch my wrists and joints.

In an effort to clear up some space on my phone, I deleted a zillion photos, yesterday.   I was fine with the parting… and most of the photos are saved on the blog posts anyhow.

However,  I realized I’d gotten rid of my mom’s video where she was so smiley and sweet( as always in the nursing home ) in 2016.   Thankfully, I quickly searched my mail for the attachment.   Oh thank you Lord that I had sent my kids the video and it was still there.

It was very easy to transfer it to a thumb drive where I am keeping family photos now.  I would have been absolutely crushed if I had lost that “piece” of my mom.

So thank you technology.  For being in more than one place in one time.  Speaking of, unnamed-2.jpg

I found the single lace sock I’d never made the second of yesterday. It clearly was never blocked.    I have no idea what pattern I was using, but I bet technology will save me again.  I’m sure I blogged about it and can find it in the old irisheyesknitters archives.  Phew.  I’m glad for technology today.

I’m off to wind that white koigu now……happy Olympic knitting. !


A Few New Questions for You


*We shaved Tank.  I swear to you he is happier. That IS his happy face.   He used to spend the day sleeping in the bathroom. Since his hair cut, he’s actually around.  Have you ever had your pet shaved or shaved them yourself?


*This is a new cat toy.  It buzzes and moves like a bug.  I ordered it over a month ago. It Came from China.  And speaking of a slow boat to China, I mailed an envelope to Zach as a test to see if it would get there.  I mailed it months ago.  Yesterday, he told me he got it!   Have you waited on mail from another country recently? Did it take long?

*I’m knitting away on my socks.  I could have gone up a needle size.  Because I did not, they are going to be very thick and very warm.  Reasons I love socks: You only need one set of needles, I have made enough socks to approach them calmly and with confidence.  And I can complete a pair quickly enough to move on to another pair.  And I always wear them out.   Why do you choose the projects you do?

Finally unnamed

We were treated to a sunset we didn’t expect on our way to dinner the other night.   I usually just enjoy the colors and changes minute by minute without interstellar thoughts.  I do not like thinking about the universe and what’s out there.

Fireman and I just watched Arrival.  I do not like sci fi.  I didn’t like this movie either. Some folks just love these ideas.  Why do I feel so overwhelmed by outerspace.  ?  Do you?

Have a wonderful day.  Most of our days are pretty ordinary.  Most of us are pretty ordinary.  Watching those Olympians makes me feel like a bit of a slouch.  I think when life is really tough we long for our ordinary days.  So I try to love each ordinary day.  What you do today matters.  Even if it  is very ordinary.  That much I know I believe.  Do you know what I mean?

Sweaters that take forever


unnamed.jpgThanks for waiting for Wednesday Words instead of Tuesday Text this week!  This will be a part knitting, part reading post since I finally finished a sweater that I cast on (according to Ravelry) in December 2016 that I intended to finish by Christmas- Christmas 2016.  I was apparently feeling VERY ambitious.  So here is is February 2018 and it is finally done! I think the hold up was that it was a sweater knit in one piece in alpaca so by the end it was so heavy and hot. This is the Beatrice Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge in Blue Sky Alpaca Extra in Carmine.  The yarn was lovely to work with and I would use it again, my LYS has a green color called Marsh that I am oddly attracted to, but I don’t think I’ll be making a whole sweater out of it again because it was so heavy.  It was super easy to finish but I still think it needs a little blocking to make the neckband stand out.

I love sweater knitting but they do take a long time.  I have a beautiful Mrs. Crosby yarn – Hatbox in African Grey- that I would like to make a gansy out of next. But I also need a quick finish so I think I may cast on a shawlette or wrap this week. Any suggestions?unnamed-1

As my mom reported I took yesterday off from posting because it was Galentine’s Day- the day for celebrating lady friends!  So I thought I’d use this post to give a plug to one of my favorite books about female friendship: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I love all of her novels because they contain such relatable, likeable characters.  Also, most of her books, this one included, take place in Nebraska, and I appreciate another flyover state getting some attention as a real place where people live. Attachments is a semi-epistolary novel told partly through e-mail exchanges between friends Jennifer and Beth, who work at the local paper in the late 90s. I love Rowell’s depiction of female friendship because it is realistic in their support and love for each other, but also their occasional fights and disagreements. Also, Jennifer is married and Beth is single, which I feel like you don’t see a lot in pop culture but obviously happens in real life. Highly recommend if you need a light read to get you through winter!

On my bookshelf:

  • Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner
  • The Light we Lost by Jill Santopolos
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (reread)
  • The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

Because you can always change your knit plans..my friends say so


One of my favorite lines from The Sound Of Music is when the Baroness looks down upon the grounds of Von Trapp land where the young Maria is walking , and says to the Captain, “there’s a girl who will never be a nun.”

Well, here’s some cotton yarn that will never be a sock.  I tried. I tried more than once.  Different needles, different patterns, and yet I still was not landing my knitland double sow cows, so to speak.  Fear not!  Olympic sock knitting continues.


This yarn is dreamy.  Schoppel Edition 3 made in Germany.  100% wool.  I think I will knit a ripple pattern for the body of this sock.  This was intended  to be shawl yarn.


I had fun making Valentine’s from the horses to their generous sponsors.  I took all new photos, had them printed at Walgreen’s and got my markers out.  Many of the issues I was having at the Barn office turn out to be the COMPUTERS problem afterall, not my ineptitude!  Sounds like they are working on fixing the computer they ask me to work with.  Phew.  Sometimes you don’t know enough to know.  Then you learn.

Wondering where Al is today?  Well, she has a fab knit finish to show us tomorrow. She is having a friend over tonight and she will take some photos for her post.  Al calls today, Galentines Day.  Have you heard of it?  You celebrate your gal pals and how much they mean to you.  You are all My Galentines.  I *heart* you all.

And for the few men who read this blog, you are my pals too.


Snow shots


*My second sock finish of 2018.  My first Olympic Finish.  I stuffed them with snow.


Franklin Habit held a class that I took, once, and he said you could add interest by stuffing.  I think they look like they are going for a walk !  By the way I was freezing my hands off getting the shot.  And I do have size 6 feet.  The knit gods must have known I’d love to knit socks and gave me fat little brick feet.

The details:
Pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the

ONLINE Merina Extra fine wool blend superwash TONAL SOCK yarn in blue.  16.99 (DANGER: this yarn is available on AMAZON With 2 day delivery, in several shades)

64 stitches on size 1’s. Nothin fancy.  Ribbed the whole cuff for negative ease.


The horses are extra stunning in fresh snow.  And speaking of animals, I’m conflicted.  Westminster Dog show starts tonight AND we have Olympic coverage.   I filled out my dog bracket.  It is a thing this year that is promoted by Purina Pro Plan.  I picked the dogs the judges would pick, not the dogs I’d pick.  Let’s see how I do!





It Takes All Kinds




There’s snow everywhere here.  I give you no photos of little beautiful shoots coming up from the ground.  To those of you sharing your photos, I want you to know you bring this knitter’s heart hope when you share them.  Cause we have months to go here.  Months.

Despite my hesitation, yesterday, Fireman and I walked out on Lake Geneva to speak to the fisher folk.  The wind was howling.  The thing that usually looks like a lake now looks like an unpaved parking lot with trucks and shacks dotting the whiteout.

See how the sky is almost the color of the snow?  Does it sound like I’m complaining? I’m really not.  I’m thrilled I did not fall through the ice.  Fireman laughed at me.

When he said: Look the trucks are driving on it.  I thought, well now they’ve weakened the ice.  The fisher folk told us the ice was 16 inches thick….in places.

That “in Places” part was what I paid attention to.  My logic was this: IF a truck just went over the ice, it is surely weaker now and full of cracks.

These fishermen said they caught 30 something perch last weekend and a walleye. I find it fascinating.  I don’t have any intention of sitting on an upside down bucket in the cold, doing what I love to do: Knitting a sock.   But, some people, live for this.

Next weekend, we plan to go to our first WINTER KITE FESTIVAL on another nearby lake.  I’ll watch from the shore thank you.

I’m so glad I lived to write another post, and knit another day.   Happy Winter Olympics!