Fast and not Furious


*On a whim,  I went to a farm auction with my pal, Sandy, yesterday.  I was interested in the banjo clock.  I didn’t know it isn’t really related to banjo things.  I just thought of how Zach is playing the banjo now.

We were late and the auctioneer was selling the  Clock as I got my number.  #60!  # 60! I held my number up just in time.  What a rush.  !!!  Please, folks, keep me from these auctions.  I got a huge buzz!  Sold! to me! for 22 dollars.

“What am I going to do with this”? I said to Sandy.  She shrugged.  Well, I’m going to turn around and sell it.   I googled all about it.  And then I’m going to buy yarn with my profit.  I hope there is a profit!  lol.


Moving right along.  I have to rip out my latest section. I dropped two stitches and could not pick them back up.  Even though they are stockinette.  Oh well. This shawl needs alot of long circs to keep the live stitches in place.  Oh I guess I could use a stitch holder……duh.

Judy sent me her S’mores bars recipe.  Judy.  Judy. Judy.  You are in trouble .  I’m going to make them.   They are about a million points.  Oh well.  Just a bite is always the option!

Thanks for all your love with regards to the last post and family life in the year 2016. You da best!


I’ve Got To Write the Article Because No one Else Will…


But first,  shawls and flowers:

My Infinite Twist Shawl is well underway.  It is a pattern by Carter on Ravelry.

I’m using koigu paintbox colors and loving them.  The skein changes keep this baby fun and interesting.  I’m spending too much time, however, untangling two balls of yarn that stay on the work as you go.  I had a good idea last night as I was falling asleep, and Good Morning, I have no idea what it was!  Oh oh Wait.  I’m going to fix the little yarn ball to the garter line with a pin…….

At this point in the pattern, you work a stockinette section (hahahah Garter ….gotcha)and then you work a dividing line of garter between the newly knitted parts.  You have two long circular needles on at all times.  But you only work on one at a time.  See?  No?  You will get it as I go along.  This one is super fun and I know some of you will be hooked on it.


Poppies and cosmos.  Oh I’m in heaven with this combo.  I know the cosmos will go on until the first frost.  Not sure how long the poppies will last.  I LOVE those poppies.   Poppy people, please preach to me.   Should I dig them out and place them in a perennial area for next year?  When?


So Zach’s pretty sure it is Mexico for the coming school year.  Guess what? I’m not sad crazy about it!  The gift of his horrid year in Chicago, is that his Mother learned that it is more important that your growns are happy.   They don’t have to live nearby.   Does this mean I won’t cry?  Heck no!  But, I know my growns stay in touch and I feel wonderfully connected to them even though the are geographically distant.

I cannot seem to find a book about our families.   Families that live without wonderful Sunday dinners every week with the generations gathering and peeling potatoes together.   Families that spend more time texting one another than physically being around when the Cubs win the World Series.   Families that visit each other all they can and this means; driving miles and miles, or flying miles and miles .   Families that are so dang different than the ones we grew up   in .  Artists, we need a new Norman Rockwell picture for my family.  Heck, we have  not had that many people at a holiday dinner in years.

Nah. I’m sure I’m just sour graping it.  But, we laugh a lot.  We have our lil thread of 4 and we stay in touch daily.   We have our inside jokes.  We have our funny photos. We don’t have the joy of a real hug, but we are at the ready if a serious thing pops up.

Oh and we have people at our house for Holidays who have no other family around. It is a choice that comforts us.   Jobs and circumstances prevail.  Some families proudly state, ‘Oh our family would NEVER do that and move away.”  Those statements kind of imply that our family is less than.  But, it is not.  It is just different  than, because of all the effort and love we measure and pour into our communications.   You gotta love some folks an awful lot to fly during holidays and get stalled by snowstorms and send your presents ahead by Fed Ex.  That’s how I’ve grown to see it.

IF anyone else knows an article on this, let me know!  I’d love to read it.



Alone Time


Ever since the Cialis Tub scenes hit the television screen, I see bath time differently.

Just saying.

I have been so blessed to have friends and family who want to visit and the like, but I am tired..  I’m reading a book called, “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come”

I am hardly an introvert.  I get and give energy.  But I need just one day off.  The family party yesterday was very fun.  I got to take pictures that I hope will be treasured for years.  When we pulled up I sighed and thought, I want a nap. As soon as we got in the door and my niece thanked us profusely for making the hour and a half drive, my heart melted.  Oh my great nieces and nephews are so entertaining. Zach loves his cousins.  They adore him.

Today , dear friends from our old hometown are driving up to see us.  They will be here in an hour. I didn’t even scrub the house. It is good enough.  Oh  I want a nap. Oh I want to knit, too.

I can guarantee you that if I see a tub outdoors anywhere today, I’ll be crawling in there and going to sleep before you can blink!!!  And I miss reading your blogs. Hopefully today!


Summertime Q and A for Today


My favorite summer flower  is:

My favorite summer drink is:

My favorite summer dessert is:

My favorite place to camp is (was) :

My favorite place to nap in summer: (hammock, sofa, futon, lazyboy, bed or???)

My favorite summer Festival:

My favorite summer toenail polish color:

My favorite thing to knit in Summer:

My favorite time of the day in Summer is:


See you in the comments!


How We See Things


I love this image I took yesterday.  If I see a road side pull off and I have a photo in mind, I’ll stop if there is no traffic around.  I didn’t see the monarch until I downloaded the image.

I look for things because of this blog. I like to keep it fresh and interesting.

And I’ve been thinking of photographing this guy for weeks, now.  He is at a farmette down the road.  Isn’t he amazing?  They have a lot of goats but only two have big horns.  He’s magnificent to me. DSCF8857.jpg


There are interesting stone structures to photograph also.  No one was home. I called and called, “Helloooooo, anyone home? ”  Two cars were in the drive.  Silence.  I felt secure walking around taking photos.   It had that feel to it. Not anything threatening.   I like to see the farm community that way.

Thanks to Dayle and Teresa I followed up on my hoarse voice issue, (and Regina) and it seems to be an easy condition to treat. .   I’m having some reflux up near my vocal chords.  I can take pepcid and stop the habit of eating and then lying down to sleep or nap.  I have no polyps or worrisome throat issues.  Thank you !!!!

I like to listen to podcasts if they are informative or funny.  Sometimes I look too hard for answers and I need to take time to let the answer show up.  Do you do this? I’ve decided I’m only asking questions to myself today.  I’m not looking for the answers today.

Me and Garter Just Don’t Get Along


This far into the log cabin Koigu shawl, I remembered: oh yeah I cannot knit garter because I cannot be perfect.  I drop a stitch here and there and it is really stupid the amount of time I take ripping back.  Because I DO notice if there is a mistake in garter.    I went digging into Revelry and found a pattern: Log Cabin Kerchief by Cate Carter Evans.  I had to pay 3 bucks for it.  I’m much happier now.   I can confidently knit this shawl knowing I can pick up any dropped stitch without a problem in stockinette.

Do I want to learn how to pick up in garter? Nah. I’m not that much of a fan of the look of garter.  I find it a bit…..unattractive.  I’d rather just knit to my heart’s content with stockinette.   I don’t need a challenge while Fireman’s ribs are still healing.

Hey Judy, of course we want your S’mores bars recipe!  Yes yes yes!

And Here are the pet survey  general numbers; It was a tough survey, I think.

We are animal lovers around my blog land.

10% wont’s have a pet due to shedding

35% admitted their pets have some accidents

7% are not getting another pet due to their own age

70% let your pets sleep with you

15% of you hate the euthanasia part so much, it means no more pets

13% have taken a pet on a plane

50/50 on folks who buy furniture for ease of cleaning due to pets

56$%  worry to some degree about smells from their pets in their home

Lots and lots of you have favorite breeds !

And 42% of respondents claim their animals are well trained in any situation. Really? Wow.  I am amazed at that figure.  I see dogs that jump on people, mouth people, beg at the table, bark incessantly, snarl if another dog walks by, chase bicycles, chase cars, have no recall whatsoever. I see cats who hide when company comes or the doorbell rings.  I see cats who walk the counters and the tables.  Including one of mine!

I love the fact that if this answer is really true, and 42% of owners have well behaved pets.  This has to mean there is a huge change going on with our pets and their behavior.



Letters, Letters I Write Letters


Dear Pretty Day Flowers,

Gosh your are darlin’ as I drive into the driveway.  And, I did nothing to deserve you! Keep blooming, cause you make a lovely statement.  Perhaps I should give you some Miracle Grow?  I’ll ask my bloody pals.  I think my dad always soaked his flowers in bloom in miracle grow the entire summer……..


Dear Captain Larry,

Thanks for a great day on your boat fishing.  Zach certainly felt the peace and the joy of fishing yesterday.   It is in his genes and it is good for his soul.  And you well know, I’m way past the point of putting bait on hooks for him.  I just get the net. cookiesmore.jpg

Dear Zach,

You are wrong.  You can take chocolate drizzled cookies and put a marshmallow between two of them and it will  =  sort of S’more.   This is critical information as you head into your thirties soon.  If you have to have a campfire , you have to battle the mosquitoes the entire time.  Rain in Wisconsin equals huge mosquito crop.  And as long as we are on camping, kind of, Zach what is the deal with your generation hanging hammocks on atop the other.?

I get that this may mean you don’t pitch a tent, but I’ve seen the you tube videos of how people climb into these things and it is nothing short of ridiculousness.  How does one get down to pee in the middle of the night with everyone else below you? There must be tricks to this.  Im telling my blog pals to look up :

Stacking Eno Hammocks 6 High on

Are we mostly ladies who fear any injury to our knitting and crocheting  process? you bet we are .  Our hands are not to be messed with.  Are we also ladies and gents  who wouldn’t want to risk any fall from six hammocks high, because our noggins would hit the ground hard?  You bet we are.  Are we not fun.   Hahahaha. No we are really fun.  I’m not kidding.  It is our big secret…….we know how to laugh !

Love mom