Eeeeek A Mouse


Al’s knitting a gansey sweater.  I love the color she’s chosen.  I’m always happy when my girl is knitting.  Sometimes she stops for a bit.  Then she starts again.  This will be a fun one to watch.  It is a pattern by Christina Danaee called Rocquaine  available on Ravelry.

We fed our friends’ cats yesterday while they are away.  I love love love their house, so I love going there to feed their cats.  The Yeti is very social.  The Ratso is rarely seen in captivity except for his immediate family.

Anyhew, I came home. Miss Pie bit me!  She grabbed the fat part of my upper arm and gave me a chomp.  She did not break the skin, but I have a nice baby bruise there.  I was offended, but not angry.  I actually gave her a treat.  I think she was upset by the smell? of the other cat.   This is very uncharacteristic of her.  Silly blind kitty.

I hope to have another pattern on my Ravelry store by week’s end.

I have just been informed that there was a mouse murder in the kitchen last night.  Thank you Kitties. You earn your keep!  I hate a mouse in the house!









A New Q and A Mid August

There are just 7 questions.  Some are multiple choice, because we all love those multiple choice tests. ( my answers are below)



*Are you trying any new crafts?

*Do you love a favorite logo for a product? unnamed-1

*I have Knitlite lighted needle tips.  I have to work on something with them because I love the Concept.  Do you secretly favor one set of your needles over the rest in your family?

*Currently, which  is growing better in your garden, the plants or the weeds?

*The knitting gods are smiling down on you.  You get one wish.  Do you wish

a) to never drop a needle and have to find it again( because you cannot twist yourself into the pretzel position needed to get at it under the car seats)

b) to never run out of yarn for a project (because you grind your teeth from the moment you think you may run out, and dental care is expensive)

c) to never have to pick up a dropped stitch in garter (because you would love to knit easy peasy garter stitch, but you don’t because you dread the inevitable pick up)

*It is mid August and I am too cheap to get a pedicure.  Am I the only woman on the  face of the Earth who wears sandals and shows her bare naked toenails?


*Admit you last impulse purchase.  There’s no judgement here!  I swear.  C’mon , tell us. !!

My answers: 

Zach bought me a caligraphy set for my birthday!  I can do this!  I’m going to practice today.  Any tips of course are welcome…

I love Milwaukee’s Miller High Life girl swinging on the moon!!!!!

My light up needles as you guessed! 

While I am delighted with the small groups of cosmos and mini mums and daisies, I have to admit, the weeds around the other areas are prolific, happy and thrilled to wander all over the place.  

My wish is to never drop a garter stitch.  

Yup, my toenails are just clean. Not polished.  Because I hate when they chip.

I absolutely caved when I saw the STUCK ON EWE push pins somewhere in an ad on line.  Can you even???




Fun Follow Ups


*Judy had to send me this cross stitch for my birthday. THANKS Judy.  This crazy cat lady always loves getting a new cat of any kind.  If it were not for Fireman we would be over the legal limit of felines in our home.  Really? Who would check?

*I think it was Dee who said to clean the hawk feather in Dawn dish soap. So I did.  Fezzik carries it everywhere.  Thanks all who helped on that one.  I believe in free cat toys.  I believe my group prefers milk rings and feathers and boxes to manufactured cat toys.  (Sorry Jaxon Galaxy)


*Dear pal Regina gave me seeds to plant last fall that would come alive this Summer. They must be like magic beanstalk beans, because just look at my flowers!  The white tiny pompoms last a long time in the vase.  The Yellow ones last for a bit.  And the orange old day lilies that were here when we moved in, last a full 24 hours. Oops theres a banana photo bombing the flowers.



*You know today’s the big day because I can’t seem to shut up about it!  This is our birthday cake.  A huge cookie the size of a small dessert plate, that shall be cut into thirds tonight.  (peanut butter cookie )

*I gave up on ENDURANCE by astronaut Kelly already.  I don’t like the sound of his voice. (I’m assuming here, that he doesn’t read my  blog. I would NEVER publish a negative )  The first 2 chapters were okay interesting.  One fact I learned: The Russians put dill on everything.  It counteracts flatulence.  You don’t was to be farting in a small SKY LAB .

*Zach’s pal Steve does not follow this blog either Im pretty darn sure.  He’s a hippie that was born in the wrong decade.  As in the 90’s.  Steve took a beer from the fridge, and I was out on the porch.  “Oh Steve,” I said, “let me get you a bottle opener” , he says, “oh NO WORRIES, Steve can open a beer bottle with a beer bottle.”  He stayed the night in our guest bedroom.  I’m usually very aggravated when people refer to themselves in the 3 rd person, but not Steve.  He’s my exception .

*Knitting.  I’m knitting for my birthday . a lot.  We are going to a bar on the Lake to watch the Cubs on the big screen outside.  There has to be a plan B.  If the bugs are bad, ,we head inside.

I hope my birthday vibes brings you joy today!  I appreciate you, as they say in the South.



A First for Me


One of my goals for my 57th year was to publish a pay for pattern on Ravelry.  Just under the wire, (my Birthday is Tuesday! ) I managed to meet the goal. 

You were all so sweet about my wall hanging knit up.  I started thinking it would be wonderful if we all showed off a little of our favorite craft in our homes.  I loved the idea of making one for each season.  I love the names that came to mind, about the evening and the desert and sky!  In the end, though, I have published the pattern on Ravelry under the pattern named, CLIMBING THE WALLS.

It is long because I want a beginner to be able to create it.  So I really spelled it out.  


What’s next?  Well, I am all about incredibly soft yarns right now.  I made this fingerless last year and would love to make the match for a pair.  


Just look at those gorgeous mammatus clouds!   We had a big old storm here in the Dairy State the other day.  This was the hue of the sky as the sun set just after the storm passed.  

And because we are in the DOG days of summer: I give you this Shishi pup.  


Last week in Oklahoma, we were at an outdoor bar and this pooch showed up.  I was thinking I’d dye my hair pink one day, but after seeing her, I knew I’d never live up to her standard.   Is she adorable or what? 

Happy Monday!  

When Knitting Becomes Art…..

*My koigu knit up has decided it does not want to be a cowl.  It is at it’s most beautiful when it is hung up. This baby needs a good blocking for the garter sides to lay flat.  My plan is to block it, then hang it by an old wooden double point in size 15 that someone gave me.  Our home has mostly grays for wall paint.  This will pop when I hang it up. 

*I knit it not knowing what it was going to become.  Originally it was going to be a clutch.  Then a cowl, but I didn’t like the shortness and had run out of yarn.  Something about it kept after me.  Last night at about 10 p .m. while I was falling asleep it came to me: Hang it up!  Yup, I’m now knitting for my walls…

*Once it is blocked, I”ll write out the pattern I made up. Any ideas on what to call this?


*My desert bloom has never looked better!  Usually I get a blossom or two, but this year it is exploding with color.  


*Just because.   I love a good sign.  

*Favor: Please….If you knit our Flippin’stitches ornament hat, will you please send me a photo of it?  I’d love to see how many we make as a group. 

*Books: , Al gave me a great book for my upcoming birthday.  The National Bestseller by John Feinstein, where NOBODY KNOWS your Name: Life in the minor leagues of Baseball.  

*Movies: COCO by Disney. I finally sat and watched it.  I LOVED IT. Knowing what I know about Mexican culture and traditions and mysteries, I thought they did an exceptional job with this sweet movie.  It is so colorful to view that it becomes magical.  The family that Zach lived with last, helped with the music for the score.  IS that not cool????  



Our First Pattern, It’s Free!


I know some of you will laugh, but this was my super secret travel knitting in Oklahoma.  I made 3 hat ornaments.  Only two were successful.  The third came out wonky because I used a SSK, then K2tog decrease.  I found the round decreases much easier and better looking when finished.  It is the same as doing decreases for a round toe if you are a sock knitter and know that method.  

Please share our first free Pattern!  Karen and I are going to publish some patterns under our name: Flippin’stitches .  Copyright 

Flippin’Stitches Christmas Tree Hat Ornament

Yarn: leftover fingering weight yarn

Needles: double points, size 1 and size 2

Cast on 40 stitches in any method of your choice.

Distribute them onto 3 needles and knit 2 X2 ribbing for 1 inch. (k2p2)

Begin stockinette in the round for 2 inches from brim.

Begin decreases.  Knit 8 Knit 2 tog.  around.

Next Row: knit a round.

Knit 7 knit 2 tog

Knit a round

Knit 6 Knit 2 tog

Knit a round

Knit 5 Knit 2 tog

Knit a round

Knit 4 Knit 2 tog

Knit around

Knit 3 Knit 2 tog

Knit around

At this point you can draw through the remaining stitches or continue to decrease until you are happy with just a tiny few stitches left.  Then pull through.

Secure the brim by using your cast on tail and stitching the yarn to the folded brim edge once. This will keep the brim from unrolling.

Buy a premade pom in andy color you wish and sew it to the top of the hat.

Happy Christmas TREE Hat.


OKLAHOMA Highlights


We went to visit Al in Oklahoma, and got home yesterday.  I have trouble with comments to your posts on my iphone.  So I read you!  I just didn’t comment.  But I’m back!  Here is one of Amy Beth Fat squirrel’s owl bags with my travel knitting inside.  I thought of Dee when I staged this photo!  (Paseo area) 


The highlight, is was and always will be Al, but runner up was the tour of the NATIONAL WEATHER CENTER in Norman Oklahoma.  Be jealous. Be very very jealous. It was a fabulous tour.  

Now I don’t pretend to understand everything our guide explained, but I did get some inside information, so to speak.  For instance, there are always 2 people in the big room with all the screens scanning for weather that calls for an advisory.  When we were told they had to eat at their desks, I kind of snickered inside.   Nurses often don’t get to eat at all during their shifts and we certainly couldn’t eat at the bedside. 

If you think it would be gross to eat your food while taking your patients vital signs, you haven’t known stress hunger well enough!  There were times I’d eat a shoe if someone salt and peppered it during a non-stop 12 hour shift. But I digress


The very next day we watched a cycling race with ominous clouds in the sky.  Did we learn nothing at the weather center?  I learned a key thing: no one knows where the FIRST lightening bolt will strike.  Once it strikes you count to thirty and if you hear thunder before you get to 30 you need to take cover.  More people die from lightening strikes than from tornadoes.  Yup. I was listening to the dramatic statistics as always.  

We got to ask questions!  I wanted to know why they can’t predict northern lights viewing.  Silly me, that is not a weather phenomena, I was told.  


This is apparently ordinary summer storm beauty in Oklahoma City.  Wow.  


I literally ran into the yarn shop in OK city and ran out with this score. ALPACA blend.  7 bucks a skein on sale!  I can’t stop petting it.  What’s with me an neutrals lately?  More on yarn to come.  I’ll show you my lil trip knitting tomorrow.  And I’m having a contest. 

My Al and her pals continue to amaze me.  Their work with organ donation is emotion at its most raw.  They are amazing people.  They work hard and BOY do they play hard!  

That’s our trip for summer 2018.