Monday Fun Day

Allisa ( arranged for us to meet in real time last night. She had driven a long long long way from Colombus, Ohio to Lake Geneva for a conference she is attending. She taught me many things about Free Trade. I missed,somewhere, along the blog way, that she is the Executive Director of Global Gifts. (What’s going on with this hair of mine? It’s called it is growing out and it is a pain. Note to self, Pixie cuts take over a year to grow out,) Thanks Allisa, for the effort and the wonderful time shared. I’m sure you were exhausted but it didn’t’ show. Allisa did say that Manos De Uroguay is free trade yarn if you are interested in putting your money towards the Free Trade movement. I love their yarns. Next Up, my WIP:

I decided I have to make a Susan b. Anderson leaf scarf again. It is such an easy pattern. I have bulky yarn from Lorna’s Laces’s Chicago shop( that is no longer in Chicago …but neither are we so…..) I’m loving it. 14 Rows to follow and boom, another leaf joins the scarf.

I’m still trying to compensate (over compensate) for my D in art. So here’s our snow dog, Piranha. (That’s a line from a favorite movie, Robin Williams starred in: The Birdcage)

I am so thankful, that Zach is with great friends and loving living in Mexico. The little guy is a good friend’s baby. He had a birthday and baptism weekend. 48 hours of celebration. I laughed and said , Zach, send me a photo of you holding the baby. Tell them you know how. He laughed and said, “I can hold the baby. Are you kidding ? The kid is passed all around the room.” So this made my heart sing. Aren’t they cute. Pale, pale ZACH, AND adorable not pale baby with gloriously soft looking black hair!!!

Finally, I think I need to updating the ABOUT section of this blog. Allisa thought the barn was mine. I’m so sorry if I gave that impression. The barn where I LOVE to VOLUNTEER is called …….

S.M.I.L.E.S in Darien, Wisconsin. IF you find them on Facebook, look at the Magic in Motion Video . It is so sweet. Our Stable is not for profit.

You know I’m wishing we could all meet someday. I hope you get some good knit, crochet, card making, or stitch work in today.

A Post of Few Words

Kat from JEOPARDY sent this lovely Lorna’s Laces just because

I am trying that lovely Lorna’s Laces yarn gift with these other two skiens to see if they will WOW me. I think they do.

Spud and Chloe’s Leaf Scarf is the winner. After nearly 3 days of pattern searching and panic, I found what I wanted to knit next. Don’t laugh, that’s as far as I got last night because Al got us all caught up in Cheer , the Netflix documentary. Fascinating. Really good.

Focus on the Snowflakes!

I’m headed out to help Fireman with the 5 or so inches of snow. He snowplows, I follow with a shovel. The barn classes were cancelled AGAIN due to snow and ice. Big sad face here.

Snowcapped Mushrooms and Regina’s grasses

I have to thank Regina again. Look at those gorgeous tall grasses hanging in there after a big snowfall. Winter interest cannot be underrated for the weary eye. .

That’s my grown boy. The one who never made the varsity tennis team. The one who to this day, adores the sport. I could show you a video he sent of his volley with another player and You’d be proud like me. Oh yes, he’s wearing shorts and there is no snow. The rainbow is sign of look, you made it back to you! Actually Zach said there was a DOUBLE rainbow but they couldn’t capture it. Someday you’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers the dreamers and HE!

Thursday Q and A 2020

Face tune skirt

*I will probably never knit this skirt. But I am completely enchanted with it. I want it now. Is there something you adore but doubt you will ever knit?

*I will probably never sky dive. Will you?
*I will probably never go to another high school reunion? Will you?

*I taught myself Tunisian Knitting or is it Crocheting? I did a few rows and stopped. I probably won’t be trying that again soon. Is there something you just tried and thought ….no….I don’t want to to knit this?

*I probably won’t knit another sweater for myself. This is not because I don’t love to , but because I can’t stand the fabric close to my skin. Do you have weird skin triggers? Last night in a long sleeve cotton turtle neck I had to get it OFF me after being fine in it all day. Maybe I should have been a nudist.

*I probably won’t ice fish again. We are already seeing nightly news , night after night, of folks and dogs and coyotes etc going through the ice. Would you go out on the ice?

*I probably won’t do much reading soon. I will be listening to podcasts , however. Some are very good. Some are not. I can tell in the first five minutes if I am going to like it. How long does it take you with a book or a podcast? (Terrible, Thanks For Asking. First one i listened to was about a nurse……….FASCINATING)

*I probably won’t bake another cake again for a long time. I’m just no good at them. We have so many amazing bakeries here. BUT I will make Irish soda bread soon. What Won’t you make/cook/bake again soon?

Have a great day my knit blog pals!

All About the Neck

The Magic Cake Cowl by Samantha Troia Bumblebee Acres Farm Pattern

Dear Faithful Readers,

My Magic Cake Cowl is finished. I cast off late last night. I never thought I would succumb to the mini skien movement, but my immunity wore off. This is my second knit with mini skeins and I love both of them. I loved this pattern. I like it modeled on Tank , but you can see it better modeled by the stone fireplace . Of course, I haven’t blocked it yet. Odds are, I won’t block it until I wash it for the first time. C’mon , it is sleeting out. I have to wear this baby! I cannot stand when the cold wind blows and its creepy fingers sneak into my neck. This is a HA HA Chicago Lake Winds Knit. This is a go ahead, walk to work knit. This is a shoveling, bird watching, and snow shoe and work at the barn cowl.

Tank modeling the cowl

Dear Tank,

Because I know I can dress you, you are my model. We missed national dress up your cat day recently, so there you go.

My photographer Fireman, just got home

Finally, I was able to get a unblocked but decent photo of the cowl. Great pattern. I used 7 or so mini skeins along the way.

Dear Turkey,

Bird count: ONE

Dear Turkey,

You are darn lucky that I am participating in Cornell’s bird count this year. You must have known , duh, that I need practice. If you go to their website, which I am sure you do not, you will see that the process is a bit bigger than just saying: I have a cardinal and a junco and a hawk somedays . So I practiced with you. One. One. One damn turkey that won’t leave the road despite my honking horn. I had to wait for oncoming traffic to go by so I could go around you. You have your nerve. I was already crunched for time. Again, you are welcome and you are lucky it was me.

kathy b, huckmom on Ravelry.

She's Come Undone

Well, She’s taking a knitting break. AL’s mojo is just gone. I’m trying not to mind. It is just so many things…..

We shared a love for patterns and yarns. She is such a great knitter. I mean a great knitter. She says she’s tried to bring knitting back, but she just isn’ t into it. I know she’ll go back to it one day.

And let’s face it, Dolly and Lincoln are at a stage of security please mom, right now. What’ s it to me? Why does it make my knit heart pang….? She is finishing her Masters Degree and has worked full time throughout school . If I knit in a vacuum, I will probably stop too.

I mean half the fun, is sharing it with you. It is asking Karen for help and by the way Karen, what are you knitting? It is reading your blogs and writing mine. We are a community. It is finding that knit group near me to join if I wish.

I didn’t knit while my babies were young. Who had the time to knit and nurse at the same time.? The baby was the highlight of my life. I know she’ll knit again one day. If she doesn’t well it is not about me. (sob sob)

Speaking of babies, did you hear that the first baby born to a mother with a uterine transplant happened this week? YES! Al shares so much fascinating information about transplants with us. (within the HIPPA constraints of course) I think Zach could live without some of the knowledge. A dear friend ‘s step -son donated his organs after he died a tragic death. . When I talked to dear friends husband he was not thrilled with his son’s choice to donate. He was not happy to hear from the families.

So, I am reminded that it is not a comfort to every family or friend when one donates. However, if the wish was to donate for others, then that’s what is honored.

The work that goes into making organ transplants real is not something easily imagined by non medical people. I respect each and everyone of the transplant team.

They get accused of being vultures by staff of ICU who interpret their interest to numbers. It is not numbers. They are not vultures. I have met them. They are doves. They suffer from emotional fatigue, from physical fatigue, odd hours, the absorption of family pain through osmosis, and they suffer when they cannot get an organ to a child in time……

Well, isn’t this uplifting…for your Saturday morning. ?

Eek. Well, let’s end on a high note. I just have to. Al’s sending all her yarn to me……..

70% off means I'm in

This Dog bed was 70% off at Walgreens. So the cats got a new bed for 5 dollars!!!!!! So far Beatles and Pie seem to want to take turns in it.

My cowl is coming along : see below. I’m increasing and changing up mini skein colors that I have leftover from a shawl. It is , again, the Magic Cake Cowl and it is a free pattern on Ravelry.

Even if I knit the rest of the day, with only potty breaks, I don’t think this baby will be ready for the snow/ice/sleet that is headed our way. I’m so grateful that we are getting this now . All my guests are safely home. This is just Winter in Wisconsin. and as an aside: Fireman just went to the Store to stock up . Don’t ask how he knows, but the checker has 18 cats……….

Libraries are for Knitters

Statue outside of Williams Bay Library Winter 2020

I went to check out a local library’s knit group yesterday. I was welcomed warmly. They were packing up. It is an option. The other lovely yarn shop that I used to go to , also on Wednesdays, is just too far a drive. Winter roads up here are frightening to me.

Regina’s latest crochet work for the hatless and the cold people of Chicago.

The Jeopardy Champions Show continues to fascinate me. Here are the answers from my own made up questions of yesterday:

What are: irisheyesknitters and compassionknit. Or who is Kathy b

Who are Mason Dixon bloggers Anne and Kay. One of you got it!

Who is Robin Williams

Where is Australia

and Finally, What is hay. The question had to do with what Lapland folk stuffed their mittens and boots with before yarn was used.

The sunsets have been very beautiful lately. That’s good because the daytime has been dreary, gray, colorless and ugly . This time of year, I love sunset because it means it will be dark and I don’t have to look at the dreary out there.

I have to tell you this new format on WordPress is making me crazy! I have to find a way out of it. It is taking me forever to post.

My question for you today: Do you find your favorite patterns from a certain company or designer? Do you like to rummage through new patterns on Ravelry?

I have to say I like to look at the patterns on Ravelry because I can see what others who worked the pattern thought of it, before I commit to a pattern.

To say the exact opposite, because that’s how I’m rolling today, I love the patterns by Wooly Worm head because they are always well written and I don’t have to worry about pattern problems. Knitting Pure and Simple has never sent me on a goose chase, either.

What say YOU?

Jeopardy Knitting

Dear Jeopardy Show,

You exceeded my expectations last night. Ken Jennings, you have played more than any other player and it showed. Nontheless, it was close! I’ll be tuning in again tonight for another hour of playoff. Now for the rest of us who have not been on the show: (Kat you are a rock star) We can still play :

Category :

Knit Bloggers Doubles

This Knit blogger has changed her blog name twice: both blogs have double letters in them: tt and ss

Category: Bookish Knitters

This duo publishes FIELD GUIDES For knitters….

Category: Famours Knitters

This famous knitter actually knit during episodes of the sit com he starred in. He was the dorky friend of Mindy ….

Category: Yarn Producers

This country produces more yarn than any other in the world. They are in a crises and it could affect a lot more than yarn…..

Final Jeopardy Question:

Knitting on your Lap:

Before knitting came to Lapland, Lapps stuffed their fur mittens and boots with this product:

Tune in later for the answers!

This was me after I read someone else’s prompt saying, go lay under the tree to remind everyone YOU ARE the gift. And This Christmas Stuff is exhausting… but fun

Knitting and Jeopardy

Do you remember when Kat was on Jeopardy in 2019? I certainly do. It was so fun to watch her win! Her blog in case you need it is: She provides fascinating links for us with almost everyone of her posts.

Tonight, a series of segments about Jeopardy starts on television. We saw some information earlier and it is not sad and dreary because Alex has cancer. It is inspiring and interesting. So, Don’t forget the that if you want to knit to something great the next few nights.

The big warm cowl …….I’m ready to increase now. …….

I have to say, that your responses to my questions have been very interesting. So many rely on Yarn in the mail due to very understanding situations regarding distance.

As for comments, I feel it only polite to return to the bloggers who leave me comments and leave them a thought or two. One thing I do not do , and I’m sure you have noticed, is I do not answer many questions in the comments in my blog. (i.e. With a reply ) I often will go to that persons blog and answer there or email them. But perhaps that leaves someone out there looking for the same answer , so I may change that up.

Yes I went out on the porch bare footed and used a stick to take this photo. Snow writing is interesting but somewhat difficult. I will challenge myself to hand write a post in snow this year……lol……