Earth Day Survey Gatherings


Well, it is midnight and I stayed up hoping the THUNDER would win. They lost on a buzzer shot by that other team.  Dang.  OKC was a great team.  Paul George, Westbrook and Steve Adams among others played so well.  Sorry Al.  Sorry Will.

Onward: There are daffodil shoots and pom pom mums are coming alive in my first garden patch . Today we witnessed two chickadees going in and out of our hanging bird house 🙂

Here is my summary of the Earth Day Survey. Thanks for participating. I learned a lot by creating the survey.

48% believe recycled items are being truly recycled  (sadly, I ve been listening to our radio talk show that says the reality is  otherwise.  Some feel almost none of the recycling efforts are making the land fills less full.  Few want to recycle and fewer know how to create something from them.  One company is trying to make airplanes from the plastics farmers use to cover their hay bales in the winter.  But that’s not a great answer.  I heard today you need to recycle 40,000 bottles for each seat occupied on a transatlantic flight.  )

85% of you never got a free tree for Earth Day.
I did, but maybe it was for Arbor day?  A silver maple. It grew well and became a great shade tree as I grew up.

41% were correct that there are orchid fosters who will try to get your orchid to bloom if you cannot.

53% incorrectly believed that fruit trees were not more beneficial to the environment than non fruit bearing.  The logic is that fruit bearing trees provide food for animals, and people in addition to creating shade and carbon dioxide.

35% try to repurpose materials.  (Fireman says we reuse cardboard boxes to mail thing to others) that is true but we can do better.

30% do not know what a no  waste kitchen means.  (it means you give your scraps and leftovers to someone who has a worm farm or raises chickens)  A low waste kitchen minimizes all plastics and papers.

44% were correct in putting glass and newspapers and other papers together to minimize breakage of glass which can interfere with recycling.

36% of you have recycled a thrift shop sweater. WOW. That one really impressed me.

67% of you know that buses , which can carry more people, are the better mode of transport for the environment.

and 67% also say that recycling is important but not the most important consideration when we shop or create trash.

I heard on the radio today, that if you rinse your peanut butter jars out to recycle , the energy it takes to obtain the  water you just used, is more detrimental to the environment than putting a jar with some residual peanut butter in the recycle bin.  Gheesh.

Wow.  We have a long way to go don’t we ?  I guess every little effort can help.  The Lincoln Park Zoo is accepting old cell phones until April 30th.   The mining of Coltan displaces Gorillas in the Kongo, and coltan is a part of cell phones.  Im mailing mine tomorrow to them.  Lincoln park Zoo is a free zoo in the city of Chicago .

One other thing I can do: Send my cleaned mascara brushes to Wands for Wildlife which uses them in Appalachia to clean the feathers of wild birds.

and finally, Im ordered some bamboo toothbrushes.  I’ll let you know if I like them when they arrive.

Any other ideas?






Letters …..again, Letters

DSC_0188Dear Shawl Inventors,

I have always been attracted to your patterns.   I have had two routine issue with my shawl knitting.  The first being my horrible sensitivity to anything remotely scratchy.       I can purchase a yarn in a shop that I think is so soft, and when I wrap my finished knit around my neck, I pretend I am not feeling needles on my skin, for about a minute.  Then, I realize once again, my wool Sensitivity has mocked me.  I have no choice but to give it away…..which is not a bad thing for the recipients…

And , two, I have fights with picking up garter stitch, and no matter the you tube tutorials or in person lessons, my brain doesn’t even want to try anymore.  So there.

This shawl, dear inventors, the EASY GOES IT Shawl  by Finicky Creations,  has changed my life.  I decided after dropping a garter stitch, and tinking back with a crabby expression on my  face for two hours,  to modify the  pattern so that there is far more stockinette than garter.   I only had to hold my breath for about 4 rows of garter at a time.

Of course, the  yarn label is long lost.  I just called Pixie , at David’s Yarns in Oklahoma, and she remembered me, pulled up my order and told me the magic yarn  is : Ella Rae Lace Merino.  I will be ordering more today, from her shoppe.

Shawl creators, I can embrace you now! 0-1.jpeg

Dear Spring in Wisconsin,

You are here!  Winter knocked us to our knees literally and figuratively this time. But,   I just saw a chickadee enter my bird house!   I know you can be a roller coaster of temperatures, requiring somewhat of a suitcase in my car, for the months of April and May, but you can’t deny you are here!  Welcome !

Dear Women who wish their partners gave them flowers, DSC_0187.jpg

they, can be taught.  It may take years, but it happens here once in awhile.  It is a tiny thrill of victory and visual joy.  Due to the cats. all flowers are high on a wall vase.

Dear Person at the hospital who I will not name,

Please do not tell clients that you are not immune from the measles anymore, but you are not going to get the booster.   It makes my blood boil.  It makes me upset for all the students at the barn that I now am attached to, and who would probably perish if they got the measles.   I am ready to write the administration.  The doctors I know and trust feel this measles threat is real and going to get much worse.  I think someone in health care who sees immune suppressed people every day , needs not be a carrier of one of the most contagious disease in the world.

Dear Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Team,

Please win tonight.  It would make my Allison and Will very happy.  !  I would love to see you play the BUCKS, who all of us in Wisconsin are sure will make it to the finals.


kathy b



An Easter Gift Pattern from Regina

REGINA,  wrote out her blanket pattern for us as an Easter Gift!


BASKET STITCH from  an old donated paperback book:
Knitting dictionary of 800 stitches patterns, Crown publishers, inc.
Donated yarn. Soft 4 ply
Needle size 10 round 29”
Cast on multiple of six
Rows 1 and 7: K
Rows 2 and 8:P
Rows 3 and 5: * K1, P4, K 1*
Rows 4 and 6: * P1, K4, P1*
Rows 9 and 11:* P2,K2, P2*
Rows 10 and 12: * K2, P2, K2*

CIRCULAR 29” needle, size 10.
Cast on whatever you want in multiples of 6.  I cast on 120 stitches.
Note: When I am making special items for the needy or hospice patients, I just keep knitting until all the donated yarn is finished, leaving enough yarn make a good wide edge with a single crochet stitch.  If I have only enough yarn for a square, it has become a baby blanket; if the finished piece is very long, it becomes a prayer shawl for women or prayer blanket for men in our local hospice, JOURNEYCARE.  A medium size piece could be given to a toddler+ for cuddling during naps!  God is in the details.  I am merely His hands on earth.


And this is my wake up view.  Green green green grass and a touch of a blue  sky with promises of a beautiful Easter weekend.

If you have a short week for Passover or Easter, I hope you get some good knitting time in!  You are all a blessing to me.


#3 Letter Format Post


Dear Bakeries,

Please stop teasing me with adorable Painted egg cookies.  Cookies are my weakness.  While I believe there is nothing as delightful as a tray of Christmas cookies, which include a variety of family favorites looking up at me,  I think Easter is working hard to make certain all my WW points for the day go to one amazing frosted cookie the size of an ostrich egg.  Please, stick to the Lamb cakes with coconut all over them.  Coconut doesn’t ever tempt me in the least.  There will be enough chocolate bunnies on sale NEXT week to tempt me, too. Perhaps I’d best not go grocery shopping for a week.  I have yet to stoop to ordering sweets on Amazon….

mirrormirorbear.jpgDear Adorable Grankitty Bear,

You are a delight.  You are a gift.  I’m concocting a way to keep you, but that would ruin Mother of the Year for me, again.   I’m just being selfish.  You are Zach’s buddy.   But, man you are cute and so well behaved.   And you make me look genius with your adorableness when I am taking your photos……0-10-1.jpeg

Dear Baby blanket knitters,

Ahem, you know who you are. …. (Regina, Meredith, Teresa etc) .  Thank you for proving that everything must not come from Baby Gap.  There is no replacement for a lovingly knit baby blanket.  And here’s a little secret, you may get saved for YEARS, by a mom who just cannot part with you, and is hoping to share it with another generation of lucky babies.  We know you are special.  Don’t forget it! (and the above is Regina’s gorgeous WIP for a charity blanket drive at her church)


Dear Rodney,
Thanks for the attempt to make my butt smaller while I groomed you the other day.   I did not appreciate the nip you took as I leaned over to pick your hooves.  I’m onto you buddy.  I know you are an amazing horse who works very hard, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why you are naughty being groomed. at times.  By the way, I had my fat jeans on so you only got the fabric and not my arse .

Dear Noble Knits,

Please don’t offer 99 cent patterns sales again.  I spent the better part of 2 hours looking at all 12 or more pages of patterns.  I have FOMO.  (fear of missing out) FOMO is limited to patterns thankfully, and not to other parts of my life.  I did choose a whole 2 patterns in the end.  The delivery price is higher than the two 99 cent patterns, but I really like the two I picked.

Have a great day blog pals!  We had a thunderstorm last night and I just loved it.

Let’s Have Some Q and A? Shall We?


Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder in a commercial : Basketball players love their pets.  This was an ad for the Secret Life of Pets.


*What’s your favorite Pet movie?


I believe these are Nintendo Cookies.  But I am not certain. I have never played a video game.  Well , that’s  not entirely true.  I used to play Frogger for very short periods of time.   Very short, like 2 minutes while my kids left it to me, while they ran to get a snack.  Frogger is just a frog trying to cross traffic and not get hit.


*Have you, do you play video games?

3. Discussing air travel with a friend recently, made me think about this question.

Do you like take off and landings?  Do you enjoy the cruising time on a plane?

4. Mason Dixon recently asked, DO you prefer fair isle or Duplicate stitch? So I’ll ask that of you as well.  Which do you prefer?

5. Did you see the SNL skit last weekend about women who hate to shop for clothing?  It was spot on!  Do you like to shop for clothing?  Google it: The Shopping Experience for People Who Hate Shopping….

6. Some people love those interchangeable needles.  Do you?

7. Have you ever called the Fire Department?

8. Do you know anyone who had a home birth?  ( how random is this? at least the question is not did you call the fire department during your home birth.right?)

9. Boiled egg, Cadbury Egg, or Marshmallow Egg?

10. When was the last time you rode on a bus?


THat’s it . See you in the comments!


Cat’s Out of the Bag


The snow’s all gone!   I mean All gone.  All 7 inches of it from Sunday.  It is sunny out and Fireman feels behind in his yard work already.  I’m baby sitting Bear, so I’m not out digging yet.  I’m up in the bedrooms where he is staying, keeping him company.  Did I mention he is an absolute dream?  So sweet, cuddly and interested in everything as kittens will be!


He thinks the bathroom here is amazing.  A Tub and TWO sinks. I told him I had superpowers and I can turn on 3 faucets in a snap!  Zach will be home soon and I just don’t let him meet the other cats.  It is too hard on them.  The kitty is fine upstairs and we make efforts to visit him a lot and play.  He may not want to go home!

In knitland, I was comforted to read that another knitter, had to rip out an entire summer sleeveless top because she didn’t check gauge and she kept on buying more yarn than the pattern called for.  I’ve been there. I’ve done that.  I find sweaters are a big undertaking for me, unless they are for a baby. There is that awful thought that I try to push out of my busy mind, that well maybe it won’t fit me.  Or worse, maybe it will itch.  So I knit few sweaters as you know, and I admire those who do! Val’s sweaters are amazing. Allison’s sweaters are perfect, too.  Don’t even get me going the Rhinebeck sweater folk .  So much talent on that weekend, I can barely stand myself as a simpler knitter. 0-4.jpeg

Val sent me this adorable cat bag yesterday.  The colors are fantastic.   Val you made my day!  She also sent a skien of her amazing yarn: 0-3.jpeg

I see another shawl here!  Because, shawls are so forgiving with gauge and so fun to play with while you are knitting.  Thank you VAL!!!  What a fun surprise.

How many sweaters have you knit for yourself?  I have knit 2 sweaters for me, both top down.  I have knit 2 summer tops for me, which I don’t often wear.  Oh and remember? I knit a goat sweater, too.  So, that redeems me!