Low Tech and Hi Tech



Low Tech:

*Knitting is so good for me.  I have knitted 5 pairs of socks and 4 shawls so far

this year.  The Candle Flame Shawl is packed upstairs and not shown.

I worked on my Log Cabin again last night.  So I don’t have much new to show you.  That’s okay right?   I think I’ll keep knitting on it until I run out of the yarns.


You’ll laugh but I finally learned to Facetime yesterday.  My sweet niece had an accident and needed some cheering up.  She is in Arizona.  My sister asked if we could face time with her.  “Uh, Um sure” I said.  I had no idea how to facetime.

Well, we figured it out and it was as simple as pressing a few buttons. What a fun and wonderful way to connect.  Does Facetime cost anything more?  Can only facetime iphone to i-phone users?  Oh and I officially broke my phone screen last week.

In fairness, I was feeling jumpy and the phone just jumped out of my hand and landed on the cement outside the post office.  BUT, it works fine.  I understand I can get a new screen without much trouble.  I have you done this?

Wishing you a sunny day.  Our sun is shining.  The weather folk think we may be done with snow for the Spring.  They call it Sprinter here.  (Springandwinter)  When our weather girl, Stephanie, stops wearing her black tights I think I’ll be really hopeful.

(Any facetime folks out there who can answer my questions thanks.  Any screen breakers out there…?  I’d appreciate your thoughts.  Otherwise Ill just keep my broken screen.  The phone works just fine.  But it is U-G-L-Y. )





Log Cabin Knitting in April


Well, it is far from perfect, but I do like how it is turning out. This is the Log Cabin blanket pattern from Theresa Gaffey Designs #165.

I pulled it out this weekend after a long time in the project bag in the closet.

It is knitted in worsted weight yarns and that was one reason I took it out.

It is meditative and easy.  I had to rip out one section over the weekend as I picked up too few stitches and it was pulling.  As you can see the logs are getting longer!

This was begun during Dee and Vera’s Fall KAL projects.  There will be many ends to weave in.  There is a border section for the finish on the original pattern, but I don’t see a border on the photo.  Hmmmmm.  May skip that part..or crochet an edge which would be very fun.  I will make that choice when I get there.

I believe this is only the 3rd blanket I have knitted in my life.  They take a lot of time. I have always loved the Log Cabin look.

and while we have snow on the way today, I’ll have plenty of time to knit on it.  The birds are not deterred by our weather.  We are seeing wrens, thrushes, redwing black birds, blue bird (only one and at the barn pasture) and an occasional warbler.  Just seeing these birds is encouraging!

What’s encouraging you today?

Tuesday Text Returns: March Reading Roundup by Al

unnamedAfter a brief hiatus I am back on the blog and ready to give you my March reading roundup. I was stuck in quite a reading rut at the start of March so I started the month with a stack of fast reads. I read three graphic novels: Bingo Love by Tee Franklin, Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir by Maggie Thrash, and Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel.  Fun Home is also a musical of the same name that is coming to OKC this week so I am hoping to score some free tickets. In keeping with my theme of fairly depressing reads, this one is a memoir of Bechdel’s upbringing, especially her eccentric father, who killed himself when she was in her early 20s; and her realization that she is a lesbian and her father was gay. I am not sure how this could possible be a musical so I am looking forward to seeing it.

I followed that with a much lighter read: The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. This is a fun romantic comedy, complete with a meet-cute in a stuck elevator.  It was a light read but I appreciated the diversity of the cast of characters, as well as that the women in the book were portrayed as strong, complete people, not the typical “damsel in distress”.

For Book Club I read Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult.  If you’ve ever read Jodi Picoult this is her typical fare (courtroom drama about a hot-button issue) but like most of her books I found it compelling “popcorn reading”.  The story surrounds an African-American labor and delivery nurse who is asked not to care for a white supremacist couple’s baby.  One girl in my bookclub said it really made her think about how racism exists today.  I identified with the nurse, having been a nurse myself, and the impossible situation that she found herself in.

Finally I read my first 5 star book of the year, Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. The story looks at a blended family in the 1970s but crosses many timelines, piecing together the stories of the six children and their parents after they are brought together from divorce and remarriage.  It sounds like a simple story but Patchett’s writing was beautiful and the disjointed timelines make the reader feel as chaotic as the characters. I read the whole novel at the beach in Mexico over two days and I would highly recommend it.  I did not love Patchett’s State of Wonder but this book made me want to pick up Bel Canto, which I have had on my list for years.  Anything waiting on your backlist that you’ll be picking up this year?unnamed-1.jpg(have you met Minion?  Isn’t he gorgeous? )

Monday Randomness


Well, if it had to snow, I had to try a Christmas ornament.  Try is the operative word here.  Snow is not.   I’m ignoring you snow.  

Yup I put the sleeves on inside out.  Yup the tree needs a topper.  The free pattern is : Christmas Sweater Hanging Ornament (a free pattern by Linda Dawkins.  Thanks!  )

A good blocking would help it. Now THAT”S funny.   A redo would help more. 


Fezzik was extra snuggly this weekend.  Twenty pounds of love. 


This is National Volunteer Week.  The barn goes all out for us . I don’t think anyone there reads this blog, so I can show you one of our little gifts.  Earbuds!  I can always use another pair.  The class theme this is week is ROCKSTAR volunteers.  Classes included fun Music, a type of musical chairs game with the horses, and photos with Elvis.  Oh, and Lunch for volunteers.  I am very lucky to be part of the barn.  Fireman agrees.  Who thought we would EVER be volunteering in this way?  We even enjoy cleaning the stalls…..




Finish: Picot Edge Scarf

Pattern by Morris and Sons.  unnamed.jpg

This very fun to knit scarf/shawlette is off the needles!
It is fair to say that garter and I made peace with one another this time.

I did not do the picot bind off.  I did a regular bind off. 

Using one skein of Gypsy Girl Creations yarns (by Stonebarnfibers) in Calypso (color 2002) and almost all of 400 yards.  It is 100 percent superwash merino wool .

Knitted on size 4s. Cost : 34 dollars for the gradient yarn.



She’s about 60 inches tip to tip.  You can wrap and wrap and wrap her around your neck.  You can wrap once around your shoulders.


It was a lovely easy relaxing knit.  I loved only have two ends to weave in. One start and one finish.  Oh Gradients, you can be wonderfully easy.  This is a great pattern for a gradient I think!

Spring Chickens


I’m ready to be finished with my gradient Picot Edge Shawl, but I think I’ll be knitting on this baby another few days.  I do like the look.  Push on push on.


We had a day that held the promise of change and Spring yesterday.  These are our brave tulips.   Yesterday, we heard frogs peeping, saw goldfinches getting their pretty yellows on, and got stuck behind a farmer’s tractor.  All good signs of the Spring that must arrive.   But, um, snow is in our forecast for the weekend.  We can do this friends…..


Finally, the now infamous Sr. Jean, from Loyola University at the age of 98 made it to the chilly, er freezing, Cub home opener.  She threw out a pitch.  She smiled.  She’s no spring chicken either…(sorry I had to)



Let’s Play Ten Questions, Shall We?

unnamed.jpgJust because:

*Have you had a hostess cupcake knock off?

*Have you heard of rolled ice cream?  (Thai origin?)
*Do you have a favorite Episode of a favorite Tv show?

*Do you have a hammock?

*Have you knit outside lately?

*What is your go to Dk or aran  weight yarn?

*What’s your noisiest appliance?

*Is it easier for you to give yourself some slack or someone else?

*How many circular needles do you own?

*Name of sign of Spring you are happy to see !

My answers are in the comments!