BIG knitting….


Dear pal Regina inspired my blanket knit.  The Pattern is similar to one I found in a Prayer Shawl book, but I’m editing it.  Yarn is Wool-Ease Thick &Quick in color Denim Twist.  It is super bulky.

Since when Did I become a bulky knitter?  I”ll tell ya.  ……..My lil Christmas ornament hats to Allison and Jeannie at the barn and others had my eyes going buggy.  They were knit on size one’s.  With leftover sock yarns.  Nothing like a total reversal ….so it is all big yarn all the time for a bit here.

Someone of you who sent me these biggy needles is to be properly thanked because they are perfect for this blanket.

Fezzik’s tail is photobombing. I’m enjoying this knit  and so enjoying the baking shows as I sit.

Al tells me I must watch NAILED IT on Netflix.  She promises it is funny.  I love funny.  She  and Zach also watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  Anyone else watching these shows?

Ready for today’s Gingerbread house?

0-16 copy.jpeg

Sometimes simplicity really works!  Look at this pretzel baby!  Great roofing, great hunting trophy over the door. Look at the pretzel antlers!  I have no idea what the stone steps are made of.  I don’t know of any silver and gold candy.

So when am I making my gingerbread house? Dunno.  I haven’t been MOVED to create  it yet.  It is on the counter safely plasticized in a box. Miss Pie is such a baked good lover, I have to keep it boxed up or I swear she’d eat it all.

Happy Friday the 14th of December.  10 days to Christmas Eve!  Al and I have decided to honor her grandmothers, BOTH of whom always had a grasshopper drink on Christmas eve.  So we will too this year!  Is there a Christmas beverage at your holiday gatherings?




A Few of My Favorite Things: Sugar, Whimsy and Kittens


Don’t my cookies look like sushi before they are baked?  I know I know , I said no cookies.  But , my local grocer sells their yummy dough.  All I had to do was roll it out and add sprinkles.  Friends are cooking for us this weekend, and I wanted to bring them cookies.

0-14 copy.jpeg

For Betsy and all who are still enjoying  the gingerbread tour, I have to point this one out.  Look at the one crumb of gingerbread cookie that is plopped in front of the gum door.  There appears to be nearly no gingerbread at all, yet the scene is funny!

*Stick Gum roof and door….no doubt sugarless

*Nicely melted peppermint sidewalk.  I wonder how they did that?

*Mini marshmallow snow.

Gum drops on the neighbors house for lights.

I give it a thumbs up for being different!


Oh and here is yours truly with grankitty Bear. Since our hair kind of matches, I think I should keep him.  I see nothing wrong with 5 cats.  I am only to happy to report that Zach would never let this guy go.  They are a great match.

I’ll be blanket knitting today.  Why? Cause I fell in love with Wool Ease thick and quick and we need a new blanket here.  My fun friend Regina, knits blankets for charity all the time. She knits them up in a flash.  So thanks Regina……you inspired me even if I’m keeping this one.

Candy Cane Hat


If you want a fun hat, this could be it.  Big needles, big yarn, and you’ve got it done in no time.  Usually bulky yarn bothers my wrists, but this did not.

This is the RHUBARB slouchy Hat from the book Knitted Beanies and Slouchy Hats by Diane Serviss.   You could knit up a ribbed hat like it without really needing the book.  But, I do want to give her credit, that’s for sure.

Tank is inspecting it. (His shelter name as a kitten was Tinsel))  The very fun yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in the color way Red Beacon.  I used one and a half skeins. 0-14.jpeg

The Gingerbread House of  the day is: unnamed-4.jpg

This is the most professional looking at the contest.  Just look at the railroad crossing”s  careful letters.  The wreath on the front of the train and the train itself is very close to perfect. Oh and check out the coal and the presents in car number 3.   The station is darling isn’t it? And, finally, the deer are so ….well, dear.   This one is for all you train lovers!

I hope to bake some very easy cookies and then make fireman hide them. I need to bring some to a dear dear friend this weekend.

I’m off to read your blogs.  I need to figure out what I’m knitting next.





Cuteness and Joy

0-11.jpegYesterday involved a trip to Zach’s to deliver some ear mite meds for lil Bear.  Zach wanted him to have a bath too.  He looks sad in this photo, but he wasn’t .  I swear.  I was able to bathe him myself and he just stood and seemed to enjoy it!  He let me clean out his ears and we gave him ear drops from the shelter, too.  

As soon as we told the shelter about his ears, they had us come in and get all kinds of meds and washes to clear them up.  They have been great.  Three cheers for Lakeland Animal Shelter. 

I. can’t. Even……..tell you how joyful I feel when I hold this kitten.  He is unflappably calm.  Fireman had to drill something while we were there.   He walked right over and watched him.  Oh Bear, we are crazy for you.  Zach and you are a great match.  

Their apartment is very tiny, so we brought mini lights to put around one of Zach’s plants for the Holiday.  Because…….no matter how small, a few holiday lights warm a whole room, right? 


This gingerbread house is unique in that it is a replica of a store in our town.  I especially love the second story and give them tons of credit for getting it to stand up on the second level.  I also love how they made the window. 

Clearly, they had to bake their own gingerbread.  That is impressive, too.

I plan to finish my Candy Cane hat today.  I may have to make another.  It turned out cuter than I imagined.  I’ll show you tomorrow ! 

Sprite posted some wonderful holiday readings on her Virtual Tour and I intend to sit down and watch them today .  One is Michelle Obama reading The NIGHT Before Christmas.  Day 10 is the post I am talking about.  

I’m really enjoying everyone’s post of holiday joy and knitting and crocheting .  Seems we have lots to share in December.  Thanks for letting me into your heart and  your home!  


Just Delight and Merriment Monday




Saturday’s bitter cold did not stop some hot air balloon enthusiasts in our area, from going  for a ride.  Toto, you are certainly not in Kansas anymore.   You are in the land of windchill temperatures.  You are in the land of short on daylight and long on darkness.   We were delighted at your flight and we chased until we saw you land, ever so softly, in this farm field. 


There was hat knitting this weekend.  No finishing ….but easy big yarn knitting.  There was also a hat story.  My friend Jeannie, at the barn, told me this story during the Holiday party .  There has been a rather well worn hat in a plastic bag sitting in the barn office with a note on it: IS this yours?  It sat there for the whole 9 week session.  It sat and it sat.  Then, This Saturday Jean recalled that the hat was found in a bunch of towels donated  to the barn.  It had the name Sharon stitched on to it.

  An older volunteer named Sharon who donates poinsettias for the Holiday party, yearly,  was in attendance.  She uses a cane and contributes as she can to the program in her own ways. She does not get to the barn often.   Jeannie, thought of the hat when she saw her.   She brought it to her and said, “Sharon… this YOUR hat ?  We found it in some donated towels.”  Sharon began crying, and said” Yes, yes it is my hat. My mother just passed, and she knit it for me years ago.”  At which point, Jeannie started crying too.  A lil Christmas knit hat miracle. I love that. Don’t you?


Today I give you our latest Gingerbread creation to view . ( I did not get any work done on my gingerbread house.  There’s time.)  This entry impressed me with the lego sidewalk and lego tree.   I love the gum merry go round.  I love the PEEP snowmen standing guard by the sugar stick. . This is the only entry with twizzler walls. How about that chuckles fence?  The trees dipped in  non pariells are the first thing I’d eat from this creation. . I doubt very much that this was from a kit. It has too many different candies in it. There is little to no chocolate in this one.    So I give it extra points for uniqueness. 


Finally, in the also unique category, our ICE CASTLE creation is beginning to take shape on the Lake Geneva Beach.  Some company is creating 30 foot icicles in a lit path that should be open around Christmas and stay open until March.  The weather certainly was perfect for the icicles to grow this weekend.  Brrrr.  I wore a angora knitted hat, my wool knitted gloves , my boots, my big parka and my very long orange scarf under the parka to go view the creation  and I was still………like an icicle.  

Anything delighting you lately?



Hat Ornament And Gingerbread


One of our friends at the Barn loves the Chicago Bears.  He flaunts it here in Packer Country.   His birthday is today.  I knitted him a Bears hat ornament.  It is for his wife Jean, too.  She loves to decorate 3 trees.  It is about 2 inches tall.


Today’s Gingerbread entry is a donut shop. I love the detail of the tiny donuts.  That’s some fine tiny work! This is the first walkway I’ve seen of tiny marshmallows and jelly beans.  Very nice!  The pink theme is darling I think.  I cannot tell how they painted the donut shop gingerbread to be pink from this photo I took.  The structure of the house is so simple, but the Donut shop is so complex.  A for effort and for uniqueness.

If things go as planned, I’ll be decorating a gingerbread house myself this weekend.  I  bought a kit, which is kind of cheating. But I need all the help I can get!


King Kong Gingerbread


Today, I’ll share the 2018  King Kong gingerbread house….errr….skyscraper! I see a heart and a NYC at the top of the bake.   King Kong does not look appetizing.  The Santa hat, however, is a great touch.

So let’s have some questions shall we?

*How difficult is it for you to throw out a broken ornament or decoration?

*Is anyone you know counting the days to the Solstice as if the day is going to magically BE the cure for SAD?

*Do you own an apron?

*What’s your favorite way to use up yarn leftovers?

*Mini skeins…yes or no?

My answers:
It is not very difficult for me to toss out things that are cracked, broken or worn out. Does that sound harsh?  When I come across a broken ornament, I toss.  I’m very lucky and I usually get a new ornament or two each year.  Now, a broken cookie would NEVER get tossed out.

I know two people who are acting like the Solstice is going to bring Summer back.  Fireman and my friend Jean.  The two of them completely commiserate over the dark days here.  I for one, could live in darkness for a month.  Cold and dreary may as well be slept away!!

I own 3 aprons. One is a crocheted  apron skirt that   my grandmother Olga,( Hungarian,) made for my mom when she got engaged to my dad.  It is so tiny . My mom must have weighed all of 90 pounds.  One was from a fellow blogger who surprised me with a gorgeous half apron that is roses on blue.  I love it.  The third is a Cubs full apron that I use for really messy cooking.

My favorite way to use up leftover yarns is to make Small ornaments or keychains for pals.

and Mini skiens.  No.  I don’t like weaving in ends.   I’m lazy that way!

Have a great Thursday.  Enjoy the short days if you can. Love every light you see and everyone you see as a light in your life.  You are in mine!